Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a little more on the BBT

I promise to stop soon, really.

I knew things would be better last night because when I took off my bra to get ready for bed, my nipples were staring back at me. From my experience with prometrium, I know that is a big progesterone symptom for me. And indeed, I was happier with my temp last night: 97.9 (which I know to be a pretty good temp from my prometrium experiences also).

Well I did some investigating the other day and I have found some info that makes me feel a little better about some of my chart. It turns out that it may be very common to see a slightly elevated temp from the HCG trigger. Which makes sense, seeing that a lot of pregnancy charts show an additional temperature shift after embryo implantation.

So maybe my drop from CD14 to 15 isn't really as severe as I thought it was.

And thinking back, this might also explain why I thought I O'd in December at first when it turned out that I really had a cyst.

I feel like I just had a big DUH moment.

So this is how I see things.

Ok, I'm putting the thermometer down. It's going back in it's case and into the drawer. I'm done.

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