Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Must resist urge to POAS

So I had finished doing my hair and decided to take a final pee stop before leaving the house this morning. As I was sitting on the toilet waiting for things to get going I looked over at my open drawer under the sink. I'd shoved an HPT in there the other morning. Suddenly it was calling my name and I tensed up just before I started to pee and had to genuinely fight the urge to catch it and test.

Reality check Amanda: it's way to early to test and especially too early to test with a $1 test and not FMU.

I relaxed and peed. That was close.

I've been waiting to put this post out till I got my P4 back... I had to call the clinic and it had been sent this morning but my RE hadn't signed off yet. Finally, the nurse called me back: 17.6

I guess that's fine, but honestly I was hoping for higher. The nurse said anything over 3 is positive. What? over 3, that doesn't sound right at all... I've almost always heard at least 10. Whatever.

Also, I asked about the Betas. They can process them in office and it only takes a few hours. That makes me feel better. Now I don't have to explore my morals about writing "STAT" on my scripts.


Celia said...

Damn I never thought about writing STAT on a bloodwork prescription.

You are strong to hold off on POS. You should reward yourself. I know.... come help strip wallpaper. :)

I have also heard over ten on the P4.

Shannon said...

I think you're good on the P4. I know they look for lower on an unmedicated cycle, maybe that's what she was talking about? Are you waiting for beta day or will you POAS?

Amanda said...

I will probably start POASing on Friday (10dpo).

Tricia said...

Im a new reader of your journey

Amanda said...

Thanks for letting me know Tricia!