Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Headlight

I appreciate all the comments from yesterday, but there seems to be some optimism still floating around for this cycle. Well, AF has not shown yet, but my temps did fall even further this morning. So, I really, truly do think that it is over and I'm at peace with that.

There of course were some good things about this cycle. No. 1, I ovulated, No. 2 I have a fairly good looking LP. Heck, it appears that I have a 15 day LP, not too shabby, but I think that it may be even longer than that, which seems a little excessive. I think that because on my induced flows, my temps would have to go down for 3 days and on the 4th day, AF arrives... so she may not come till tomorrow, or maybe even the next day if I'm still following that pattern. I'm ready for her to get on with it.

And this cycle I got my first real BFN. But I've got to say, I think this BFN has been a lot easier to take than it would have been to have another anovulatory cycle. Once I get a few more BFNs down the road, I may not think as much of them as I do now, but for now, my grief has not been as bad as I thought it would be.

I am scared of one thing now, when I've had gallbladder attacks in the past, they have seemed to time up with the start of my periods pretty well... very miserable days indeed. And last year, I had a attack right before the start of Lent (which was the last time I ovulated) and another on Easter (there was something pretty disturbing about that one too, but I'll save that story for another time). It would be fate for me to have another one soon. I shall be avoiding fatty foods till I feel it's safe again. By the way, I did mention this anomaly to both of my PCPs, my ex-gynecologist, and my RE, none of whom seem to think there is a connection. Just bad luck then.

Last night I was driving to and from my acupuncture appointment (about 30 min each way) and I was desperately wishing that the radio would play my song (Something Good This Way Comes) to give me a little peace or something. They didn't. But right before I got home, they played "One Headlight" which is by the Wallflowers which is Jakob Dylan's old band. I felt it was too perfect, and I was like the car in the song, still driveable, far from perfect and with parts missing, but was going to make it home still.


Dianne said...

I love that song... I am going to steal it and make it mine since I only have one ovary!!!!!

The Wife said...

I can't comment on your new post, but I just wanted to say:
Man! That's total crap!

Hillary said...

Sorry AF arrived. Even when I KNOW it's a BFN, it's still hard to get AF. :(

Michelle said...

That is interesting about the gall bladder attacks being around AF. I have issues similar that I was really wondering about and had googled (I think that might be how I found your blog...I had searched to see if there was a connection with PCOS...) Very weird that it happens but they say there is no connection. Especially when PCOS makes us so irregular.
Anyway, I'm sorry af arrived. I know it's rough even after the negatives tests and just knowing...