Friday, February 27, 2009

Puberty at 26

Yesterday I was not working and thinking about infertility as normal for me lately, and I just about started to laugh out loud.

I'm finally going through puberty at 26.

So, that's not completely accurate... I started going through it about 12, but because of the PCOS, I never really experienced what all those stupid hand outs accompanied with free maxi pad samples were talking about.

Those hand outs didn't mention that I would need to swallow and inject drugs and go to dildocam appointments to become a woman. And I'm pretty sure none of them ever warned me about infertility or even PCOS. But I guess I've finally figured it out and it hasn't been the natural, beautiful process I was promised at the "Becoming a Butterfly" class I attended with my Girl Scout troop when I was 13.

I feel like the final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place: PMS. Yes, ladies, I think I experienced PMS for the first time. My boobs were sore, my back hurt, I had cramps, and I was tired... so tired.

My mom had a tubal ligation after I was born and has been fighting menopause for what seems like a decade now. Every time I talk to her she bitches about her period. This has gotten old. But maybe I finally understand now. Hell, I'm even starting to feel sorry for my mom. She's had to put up with this a least once a month (twice a month for a while after she lost her ovary) since she was 14. That sucks.

And for the first time ever, I didn't welcome Aunt Flo into my home. Usually I'm impatiently waiting and inviting her in, happy to be saved from another anovulatory cycle... or maybe I was on the pill that month and she's just a change from the regularly scheduled monotony. But this month, I reluctantly greeted her when she came. It was the end of a cycle, but also getting on with my life.


Celia said...

Dude. I CANNOT WAIT for menopause. I am going to throw a big party where everyone wears thin white cropped tops and white pants.

PMS sucks. I don't think you drink coffee, but a low caffeine, low sodium diet the week before AF helps.

Hillary said...

Those are my exact PMS symptoms. Yuck. I think menopause will be worse.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about the PMS. Sometimes I feel like I have continual PMS, but then I realize that no, it's probably just me getting old.

The Wife said...

When I went my new RE appt, he asked me about PMS symptoms and I couldn't describe any. I could only tell him about the past two cycles but I was guessing on some of them (whether or not they are PMS related). Friends use to say I was lucky for my non-PMS symptoms and I use to say the same thing. Too bad I didn't realize what it meant.