Sunday, February 8, 2009

Someone is trying to find me

I have the Google Analytics on my site. I just wanted to see how many people visit my site and I was curious to see if any crazy google terms lead people here.

Well, I'm always surprised and happy when it appears that people read this thing. And I've definitely had some interesting googles. I don't know what "tights on her head" was looking for or why some would search "Jakob Dylan Infertility" but I do get A LOT of "prometrium nipple pain" and "Flaxseed PCOS" or "Flaxseed TTC".

This is all fine and well, but apparently between Thursday and Friday there have been a bunch of "amanda blog infertility pcos". Ok, my dear bloggy friends, please tell me that one of you forgot my url and just googled your way back here the other day so I can stop being so freaked out.

Now I know I'm not the only Amanda in the world, but I'm seriously paranoid (normally) and if you are an IRL acquaintance and have found me, please let me know. I'd love to be able to talk with you about this, cause I have a rough time and need an IRL friend now and then.

I'm only a little "out" about my infertility. I told my mom, my boss, a friend or two, my hair dresser, my SIL, several of my neighbors, and obviously my drs. and acupuncturist knows. I have mentioned to a few of them that I am involved in the ALI community, but I haven't outright told anyone (other than DH) about my blog. (And DH swears it wasn't him.) So, seeing that particular google search caught me off guard.

Honestly, I'd be more out about my IF, but it just isn't something that normally comes up in conversation... plus I hate the judgment and advice that comes along with telling someone that you're infertile.

I'd like to use this post to extend an invitation to my lurkers out there. I'd like to get to know you, so please come out and leave a comment (even if you're not my mysterious googler).

By the way, when I have a baby, I'm totally going to make a onesie for it that says "My Mommy has PCOS".


Celia said...

mmm. Not me. I have you in my sidebar and bookmarked. Mr. put a tracker on mu blog today because I was curious too. It does not tell me how people find it. Which would be interesting. Just how many different people click on it a day. But if they visit multiple times a day it does not show that. Because I visit lots of blogs multiple times to see what other people commented or to poke around the links people attach.

I am a weeny bit paranoid too, because I have a few people in my past that I want to stay in my past.

I think you must be safe. If you had a really singular name like Tatiana Jellybean then yeah be paranoid.

You could always go password protected. Which would make us feel cool like secret agents.

Amanda said...

I'm not big into password protected blogs. I don't see how you get any new readers after you do that, and then if my regular readers got to busy to stop by I would feel like the internets didn't like me anymore and I need to feel loved by the whole internets of course.

P.Q. Apple said...

Well hey, I didn't find you through Google, I found you through you sig on the Web MD boards :)

Anyway, I am a fellow PCOS infertile here and I am about to embark on my lovely medical journey this month. Hooray for first appointments with the Reproductive Endocrinologist, heh.

So, I've got you bookmarked and I look forward to reading more from you!

Amanda said...

peqie, it's so great to meet you. I really hope things go smoothly for you with your RE! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

And, I want to say that I lied about password protected blogs. I actually plan on starting one up after I get pregnant to use as a baby book. Did you know that they have services that can download your blog and turn it into a book for you? It sounds like the perfect lazy girl's solution to making a kick-ass baby book. I've tried scrapbooking and keeping a journal and such, but I never seem to keep up, but blogging I can do (if you ignore my spelling and grammar).

Celia said...

Oh wow that is a great idea. Because there is no way I would ever make a regular baby book. I never even put my wedding photos in an album.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. "birds and squirrels pcos" or some variation on that is the most common search term for people coming to my blog (by a huge margin). I think what happens is people remember your name and just don't remember the blog address or bookmark your blog and they google it to find your blog again. I can understand how you might worry that someone in real life could search those terms and end up at your blog, but since you aren't totally "out" about IF, I would guess that you don't advertise that you have a blog.
I totally understand being paranoid though. I would die if anyone in real life found my blog.

The Wife said...

I had someone back in November once click on my blog trying to find you. Well the search terms were "ttcimpatient with pcos" so I'm pretty sure they were trying to find you. I've had some interesting keywords too, even one that was "cheating husband support groupcheating husband support group richmond va". Not sure how they got me.