Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ugg... BBT

If you've read about my BBT method before, then you know it's a little different. Basically I just wake myself up in the middle of the night, take it, and look at it in the morning (my thermometer stores the temps).

The system worked because I would work myself into a tizzy so that I would automatically wake myself up (you know, when you're mind just won't go to sleep, I did that to myself on purpose). Well, that was ok, but I'd get so worried about sleeping through it that I'd wake myself up multiple times and end up getting very little sleep.

I didn't want another alarm clock to help me wake up cause I already have too much on my nightstand. I'd use my cellphone, but then I would have to sleep with it (literally) and it wouldn't be able to charge overnight (a must for my old battery).

So, I came up with the solution: a watch with an alarm. It beeps every morning at 3:12am (cause I wake up naturally at that time on my own). And it's quiet enough that it doesn't wake up the husband. I can sleep with it without losing it in the sheets, and I don't have to reach far to turn it off. And I don't have to work myself into a tizzy to remember to wake up. A good solution overall.

Well last night, the cat started to cough up a hairball just after 3:12 and I hadn't taken the temp yet. I started to get up to "comfort" her in her hacking (I don't know if she appreciates this or not) but then I remembered the BBT. I had managed to fully standup, but immediately laid back down and popped the theremometer in my mouth. I took the temp (and I didn't have to get back up again because the cat got over her hacking episode with no actual hairballs produced). But I decided I might have corrupted my temp, so I would take it again when my morning alarm went off.

So I took it again a couple of hours later. Comparing the temps after I got up

~3:15 = 97.45 (PERFECT)
~5:45 = 98.20 (WAY TOO HIGH)

Ok, yeah if I took my temp every day at 5:45 my temps would be more consistent with this morning's readings, but then about once or twice a week, I'd still get 97.3 just to screw up my pretty chart. And then, when the shift comes, there's almost no where to go if the limit is 98.6.

I don't know what it is with my body, but if I take the BBT at wake up time, it's just terrible and inconsistent. If I take it in the middle of the night, I get a decent looking chart. I'd love to get more/better sleep, but as long as I'm doing the BBT, it's just not a option for me.

So I went with the 97.45.

*My other experiment this morning* Do not try to swallow Mucinex with pomegranate juice... you will regret it.


Celia said...

Do not laugh while eating avocado and wearing a white sweater. Do you have a cold or do you take the mucinex to improve your CM?

Amanda said...

The CM... I have evaded the Martian Death Cold this year.

Anonymous said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my thermometer. I actually temp vaginally, because when I temped orally, it was all over the place. I've also done the jumping out of bed to check on cat ruckus deal many a time. The damn cats have been the cause of quite a few missed temperatures.

Amanda said...

Vaginal temping... I definitely don't have the hygiene skills for that... I barely ever clean off my thermometer. I figure it's just been in my mouth, no big deal (note: never tell this to a dentist). Something tells me I'm too lazy to clean it appropriately for vaginal temping.

I honestly don't even know why I temp... I get monitoring u/s', pee on sticks, and I have a trigger shot. A part of me still loves temping, no matter how unnecessary it is.

The Wife said...

I've said before i'm addicted to for the high morning temp, 98.6 is just a general rule, it doesn't mean that your temp never rises beyond 98.6. Also, when I've ovulated the temp change was usually .4 difference so you could still get something. *shrug*

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