Monday, February 2, 2009

I learn something new everyday...

... And sometimes it makes me want to go postal on my insurance company.

I have a mail in pharmacy... I've had one of these since I can remember. So I did with it what my mom had always done... got my 3 month long term prescriptions and sent them in and paid out the bum for all my non-long term scripts.

I had no idea that I could send in my receipts for my short term prescriptions and get back 50% (after the $100 deductible)! No one ever told me, I was never given a form with all the crap they send me, and it's not in the benefits book (which I have read cover to cover due to the IF stuff).

Ok, so does this mean that I have 50% prescription coverage on all my drugs?! I call them to ask immediately after finding this out... well no one could tell me for sure. I gave them a list of typical IF drugs and asked and they're like, "As long as it's medically necessary." Yeah, it's necessary, as my body is dysfunctional and these drugs FIX IT! A doctor prescribed them, that makes them medically necessary doesn't it? He wouldn't have given them to me if they weren't!

I'm going to send in my recent scripts for Novarel, Prometrium, Clomid, BCPs and Metformin and what gets covered.

This would have been great to know a while ago!

Ok, done bitching cause it looks like, although late getting to me, this is a very good discovery.


Shannon said...

Why is it that insurance companies themselves never seem to know what's covered? I think it's pretty obvious it's too complicated, then.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that could be very good news! I hope they cover everything.

I meant to ask you what dose of prometrium you take to induce AF? Do you take it once or twice a day? For how many days? I have 200 mg prometrium capsules, and for luteal phase support they had me take one in the am and one in the pm, but I'm thinking I could just take one at night for the next ten days. I think I'm done with waiting this cycle. It's cd 22 and it's unclear if I ovulated or not. The nurses are bitches and don't easily let you come in for u/s unless they think it's necessary, so I don't think I'll have much luck checking in on my three GFCs.

The Wife said...

I hope your insurance covers the prescriptions! Insurance companies are so annoying with all the hiding of benefits they actually will provide. You pay for coverage and then they try to shirk their responsibilities!

Amanda said...

Birds, I've always done 100mg morning and night for 10 days. I imagine your plan will work, but it could be a little less predictable (possibly earlier break through bleeding).