Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 DPO

Wouldn't it be cool to test positive at 13 DPO with an O date of 3/13? Yeah, but only if it was positive. If it was negative I would have just done what I was trying to save myself from this cycle.

Ok my bloggy friends, do I have a symptom for you today or what! My left nipple looks like a bull's eye. Yes that's right, concentric red and white circles. Anyone ever heard of that before? I would take a picture of it for you all, but because it's my nipple that doesn't seem like a good idea.

It appears that my nipples have darkened but not my areolas and instead, they actually appear lighter right around the nipple but normal color outside of that. It's very pronounced on my left nipple and somewhat on my right. I made my husband check to make sure it wasn't all in my head.

I consider this the second weirdest thing I've ever seen my body do. For the record, the first would be bruises on my tongue, turns out that's a symptom of mono.

I also think my sense of smell picked up this morning, but that could easily be a mental thing, so it doesn't count.

I'm actually going to see my PCP today cause I've had a sore throat since my surgery. I'm thinking it's a combo of the intubation and allergies, but I want get a strep test and rule that out. You should never ignore strep. My mom had a strep infection that somehow got into one of her lungs a couple of years ago and almost killed her. She suffered for months till they figured out what it was, then a cardiac surgeon had to crack her open and scrap out her lung and she had to spend a week in the ICU. Not fun for anyone. Never ignore strep.

I have some secret fantasy that my PCP will force me to take a pregnancy test and then I wouldn't be breaking my rule;) but I don't think that's likely to happen. I do feel that their is one symptom that I would break my 'no testing till 17dpo' rule for: Vomit. That's right, if I start to puke (cause, Amanda does NOT puke) I will be testing. I think it's a little weird to experience morning sickness before 6 weeks, but if it happens, I will know why.


Michelle said...

Ohh I hope it's a good sign! I too have weird issues in that area lol. It's driving me crazy.
Mention to the PCP that there is a chance you could be pregnant, but haven't tested yet because it's a little early. I hope they say you have to test.
I really hope all this ends up being really good news!
By the way, the vomiting started for me at 5 weeks. It was just a few days after I found out...

Celia said...

That is weird. You are so strong not to test. As soon as I saw that I would have been A WOMAN ON A MISSION TO PEE ON SOMETHING.

Hillary said...

Oh, I hope these are pg symptoms for you!!!

btw, that is a crazy/ horrible story about your mom and strep!!

Michelle said...

I'm not sure what my LP would be. I haven't ovulated in a really long time.

Lucy said...

I admire your strength not to POAS! ICLW

Anonymous said...

I hope these are in fact pregnancy symptoms for you - I wish I could remember what symptoms I had. My daughter is 11 now, so I have no idea what symptoms I had.

There's a good chance your PCP will give you a pregnancy test - especially if you suspect that you are pregnant.