Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Hopefully I will know whether I ovulated or not today. Of course, I conveniently just remembered that today is a Friday and my clinic shuts down by 2:00pm on Fridays, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised, despite my best efforts, when no one calls me today. The nurse that called in my P4 will be in on Saturday, so hopefully she will call me then.

My boobs were hurting but stopped yesterday. That is a discouraging sign.

My boobs hurt--Boobs lie. I had a thermal shift--I also just had surgery, who knows how my body could react to that. There was a vascularized spot on my left ovary--Who knows, it could be significant, or not.

I hope I did O. I've even gotten my hopes up a little, but I'm pretty scared that it was all in my head and there was nothing to get excited about after all.

It will be really hard to get bad news. I hate bad news. That's all this IF is, waiting for bad news, picking up the pieces and starting again.

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Hillary said...

Boobs DO lie. Mine to every cycle...changing when and how they hurt to get my hopes up.