Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am alone. I like it that way. Just me and the couch. Muffy is soaking up the sun and DH went to his Aunt and Uncle's house to bring some rusty junk back to the house. DH loves rusty junk. He collects old tractors and farm equipment.

Actually, he is bringing back a tiller for one of his lawn tractors. He and some buddies are planting a vegetable garden this year and they are going to use his tiller. I like the idea... we've grown some container vegetables here, but they are going to plow up a fairly large field. We've been talking about what to plant... so far definitely tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and onions. We don't bother with sweet corn since everyone around here grows sweet corn and gives it away so there is no point. I'd like to grow potatoes but I don't think the soil will be good for it. I'd also like to grow asparagus (but takes more than 1 season usually), leeks, and some squash but I have a feeling those are going to be less popular with DH's friends. Strawberries would also be nice, but those are pretty labor intensive and animals tend to get them.

I need to get some ambition to work on my flower garden outside. It needs pruning and fertilizer and new mulch. I already saw weeds growing in it the other day so I know I need to get on it. Spring is around the corner.

We have a grape trellis too that needs some work. We just started it last year and a couple of the plants didn't make it, so we need to replant those while the vines are still dormant. Hopefully it will start to fill out this year cause right now it looks kinda weird.


Yesterday was kinda weird. I was in my RE's town on CD 3 and didn't get a u/s... or acupuncture. Pretty strange. Tomorrow will be even more strange when I go to the same office building that my RE is in and go to another floor to meet with the surgeon. It's just that I consider my RE appointments so cumbersome and it seems almost wasteful to me to be so close and not go in.

I did however get my hair cut and eye lashes done. I always think I look a little sexier after I get my eyelashes done... I can be found winking more often... usually at myself in the mirror.

My hair dresser is giving birth in about a week (planned C for medical reasons) and she had to press her belly into me several times. We joked that if that baby kicked I would be able to feel it. It's hard being around someone so pregnant, but I'm happy for her.

After, I bought a couple pairs of pants in a considerably smaller size than I normally wear. I am suspicious that they are cut a little large or something... but hey, smaller pants are smaller pants. I'll take 'em.


I haven't really decided what I'm doing about this cycle yet... I don't expect to ovulate, so it's probably not worth worrying about... but what if I did?

I can't imagine that I would knowingly O and then not have sex. A free O, who could pass that up? But would I feel reckless or irresponsible for doing it? Yes, especially depending on when it happened in relation to my surgery. But would I do it anyways cause it would be like a miracle that landed in my lap and I would be stupid for not pursuing it? Probably that one. Oh well, it's all hypothetical at this point.


Hillary said...

Glad you enjoyed a solo weekend, and your veggie garden sounds lovely!

What does it mean to get your eye lashes done??? :)

Amanda said...

My eyelashes are very light and there I lack a good deal of facial definition... which isn't helped by my chubbiness either. So I get my eyelashes dyed black. It looks great. I could never get them to look that good with mascara and it lasts for about 6-8 weeks. Plus, no running mascara... this was very handy when I got married. I highly recommend it to all the fair haired women out there. I do not however recommend getting your eyebrows died. That didn't work so well for me and I find it's better to just use a little tinted eyebrow gel to darken them.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the smaller pants! That is always wonderful!
The veggie garden sounds lovely.
I say if you ovulate, try and take advantage of it. Are you temping this cycle?