Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amanda Hits the Floor

Well, still doing ok, but some things turned out differently than I had planned yesterday.

By the way, this is a long post and more for my records than anything. Summary: I was pissed at the hospital staff, hungry, and drugs are good.

Well, first, I'm pretty sure that Dr. C scrubbed in... I remember seeing him in surgical scrubs before before the surgery (but I was on some 'relaxing' meds by then, so it took me awhile to remember that). I really do like my RE. Unlike some drs. I always feel better when I get some time with him, so I really appreciated what he did for me yesterday.

Like I said, I had some pretty strong pain on my left side when I woke up Friday morning and I thought it might have been mittelschmerz, but couldn't be sure. I got a peak at the pictures they took of my ovaries/uterus and saw the spot on my left ovary that made it look like I did ovulate (so at least I guessed the correct side). Also, the spot was a little 'bloody looking spot'... not like the pictures I have seen of corpus luteums, however, if I'm right about my O pains, it couldn't have been much longer than 4 hours since I O'd when they took the picture so it wouldn't be very mature yet anyhow, so I'm guessing that's what a very young CL looks like. They had to send out my P4 blood work, so I probably won't know about that till Monday and I don't expect it to be very high.

Even though laparascopic gallbladder removal is an outpatient procedure, they send you to the 'floor' after recovering (instead of back to outpatient). I had a nice, private room. But I was very upset about a few things.

I did not feel that I was very well taken care of. It was a good thing that I was doing so well, cause I had to fend for myself on the floor. First, they kept me there for more than 5 hours. I was told I should only be there for 3-4 hours so when I felt fine and was up walking around for a few hours cause the bed is killing my back and they wouldn't discharge me or even bring me some freaking tylenol I was pissed.

So my back hurt and I was thirsty and finally someone brings me a liquids menu... hello folks, I'd been dying for while by then, and then I had to wait from them to bring me some juice and a popsicle. Well, I scarfed that down and was still SO hungry. So after another 2 hours of dying of hunger and back pain, I can have some cream of wheat. So I scarfed that down and am still REALLY, REALLY hungry. But what can I do? I was at the mercy of staff that didn't have the time for me.

Oh yeah, and was bleeding a lot out of the va-jay-jay. The OR nurses left me in a bloody mess without any kind of pad beneath me, so the nice recovery room nurse cleaned me off and put a pad under me. Well, I bled on to it too, so I'm awake, hungry, and lying in my blood. Finally (about 4 hours after getting on the floor), a hospitality person come to check on me and complained that I was dying of hunger, hurting, in a pool of blood, and wanted out since I felt fine otherwise. Well she did get me a menu for real food (this is about 2 hours since my cream of wheat), and she got me a clean pad for the bed and then completely dropped the ball on getting me meds or out of there.

So, after I ate, I decided to go up to the desk and ask WTF! I should also mention that the nurse didn't come to check on me but once in 5 hours (the brand new, non native english speaking med asst. did my blood pressure hourly so at least someone knew I was still alive, but seeing how I kept asking her for something for my back and she did nothing for me, I don't know if she would have told anyone if I had died). So after my angry appearance at the desk, the nurse comes back to my room and starts to apologize for not getting me any pain meds earlier. INEXCUSABLE. I just had surgery folks, why can I not get a freakin pain med? DUH! Hey you know what you could do, GET ME SOME NOW. Yeah, I got an apology but still no meds. Please stop making excuses and give me some freaking tylenol! I was about to start crying I was so tired and my back hurt so bad. So finally, as I start to tear up she gets me some damn tylenol. Who the hell do I write a letter to complain about this? Dr. C and my surgeon will be hearing about this.

The the nurse is asking weather I have gone pee yet... yeah, like 5 times by then (by the way, they catheterized me during surgery, I have absolutely no dignity left anymore). And they were giving me my discharge instructions, but no one tells me about why the heck I am still bleeding. From what Dr. C's nurse told me the other day they weren't going to stick anything in my vagina (of course Dr. C wasn't going to scrub in either), so apparently that was wrong. And I was wondering how long I would keep bleeding for, but no one could tell me. It was dumb.

Neither Dr. C or my surgeon came up to see me. The nurse talked to Dr. C and he said he did not come up cause he thought we were already gone (cause we should have been). I don't know what happened to the surgeon. But after I asked about my post op appt they finally made one for me. If I hadn't been on the ball enough to ask for my appt, would they have made me one?

And finally, they gave me my pain med script. I got a giant script of vicoFREAKINdin. Yeah, I can't get an f-ing tylenol, but I got enough vico.din to keep Dr. House happy for a week. So, finally we leave and walk outside to the semi-attached pharmacy to wait for them to fill my script so that I can go home. Of course, they couldn't have given me the script a half an hour ago so that I could have sent DH down to get it filled so it would be waiting for us on our way out. No that would make too much sense. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I get home and lay down, and all of a sudden, I'm in real pain. Every breath in hurt my gallbladder area and every breath out hurt my shoulder. I'm guessing the pain had a lot to do with the gas they put in me for surgery. Excruciating. It was bad, so vico.din #1 was swallowed. That stuff works fast and effectively. God bless narcotics. I took another nap and felt much better.

Oh, and I'm now remembering the phenergan that the recovery room nurse gave me IM in my shoulder to keep down my nausea. That explains more about why my shoulder hurts. I'm very proud of myself for not puking, cause I was very worried I was going to for a while. Amanda does not throw up... except for that one time I drank way, way, way too much. No one should ever do 8 jagerbombs (plus what ever else I drank that night).

I'm trying to go light on the narcs, but definitely taking them if I need them. I asked Dr. C's nurse the other day if it would be alright to take them if I had ovulated and she said it would be fine, so I don't think I'm being irresponsible for taking them.

So that's how the rest of my day went. Glad it's over. Now, just counting down till I can take a shower again.


Anonymous said...

That's appaling! Seriously!! I've received better treatment than that while getting stitches!

I'm sorry it didn't go as well as it should have with the nurses. At least you're home now, with some good drugs :)

Hillary said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that is how they treated you in recovery!!!!! I am so sorry. Good for you for speaking up and advocating for yourself. Keep resting up and I hope you pain and discomfort lessens rapidly.

Amanda said...

Well, actually recovery was great, it was the floor that was terrible. My mom was a recovery room nurse and always talked about how they tried to keep a hold of their patients for as long as possible so that they didn't have to go to the floor. Her stories helped to prepare me.

Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds all terrible! I do hope you say something and say it loud! That is NO way to be treated at all. I hope you heal nice & quick and feel great soon :) Hugs :)

The Wife said...

I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. I hope you never have to go through something like that again. Get better soon and hope the 2WW goes fast for you.