Friday, March 6, 2009

Come on! Ring already!

So, I am still waiting for my RE to call me about next Friday’s planned delights. I’m really wanting to find out if an HSG will be involved. A lot of the sites Dr. Google pointed me towards mentioned that often the tubes are checked for blockages one way or another. (By the way, I did mention this to the surgeon, but she really couldn't help me here.) But I know my ins covers HSGs so it’s a possibility. So I’m STILL anxious and I have listed some of my thoughts/concerns:

1. I would really like to get an HSG done during the surgery if that’s not asking too much, but if I don’t get a chance to ask, it probably won't happen. That brings us to #2.

2. Maybe he’s planning on doing some sort of an HSG anyhow. But since he hasn’t called, I don't know. And with the surgery happening on CD16 I know they will probably want to be 100% sure I haven’t ovulated (ROFLMAO... whew, got to catch my breath after that one, ahem) before the surgery. That brings us to #3.

3. I may need to start OPKs again. Remember how I was on a break and wasn’t monitoring anything and now I’ll be doing BBT and OPKs and who knows what else (hey, maybe they’ll want a u/s too). I really don’t want to do ANY of this if it’s not absolutely necessary so I really need to talk to someone (Dr. C) here. Peeing on a stick lost its mystique after I got my BFN last month.

4. So since the surgery is going to be CD16, maybe he would prefer I come in for an HSG before the surgery. Ok, but now it’s late Friday and Monday will be CD12 and we’re running out of time here and I’m not allowed squat for pain relievers before surgery so I will be pissed if I have to get that thing done with only a couple of Tylenols in me.

5. And, if he was going to give me an HSG anytime soon, I’m pretty sure he would want me to take some prophylactic antibiotics. Since, I have no script, I’m guessing I have no HSG.

So, really I think I should just drop it and assume that I won’t be experiencing that joy next week. But I can’t seem to turn off my brain and all these thoughts in my head.

So, the bad news is that my clinic is closed for the day already, so I think I’m out of luck for today (they close early Fridays). Dr. C does work on Saturdays, but I’m not holding my breath for that call. So I guess I will stay in limbo land till at least Monday. I have no idea how long after that I will be able to hold off calling the clinic.

I will now commence staring angrily at my phone hoping that somehow that will encourage it to ring.


Michelle said...

I hope you found out some news by now. That would be really cool if they were able to do the HSG with you being out for the surgery. That thing is painful!!
I just had mine done about 2 months ago, and took 3 advil before. It still hurt pretty bad and I was asking every couple minutes how much longer it was going to take.
And for some reason I wasn't given antibiotics for mine. Mine wasn't the normal HSG. They did it by u/s but not in radiology.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you hear something soon. I know it's a pain to have to wait.

The Wife said...

One thing I like about my new RE is that he said that I can call him repeatedly if he doesn't call me. So now I'm not fretting about whether or not I should call or not.