Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting closer to the deep end...

... of crazy.

It's 12dpo and I'm searching for a reason to break my word and test. So far I haven't come up with anything that doesn't involve me getting a prescription for something teratogenic or bungee jumping.

And feeding the crazy are those little pains and tingles that you never notice till you start obsessing in the 2WW.

Let's start with the boobs. They hurt, then they didn't much, then they couldn't decide if they do or not. Then yesterday, Lefty decided that she hurt with a deep and sharp pain. Not only that, but she decided to get noticeably larger than her sister. WTF? Meanwhile, Righty doesn't really even hurt much when she is firmly pressed and has no interest 'personal growth'. I'm slightly lopsided... it goes with the crazy.

In the southern hemisphere, I've had some interesting feelings. Since I O'd, I've regularly been able to feel some irritation I associate with my corpus luteum, but since yesterday, I've felt some other stabby pain in the general area of my left ovary. Perhaps it's new, or my CL has changed and the feeling is different now.

And again yesterday, I felt a 'fullness' or maybe bloating or gas... I don't know, but I feel like I've had this feeling before, but I just can't remember when or why and it definitely hasn't been recently. Since I have never been pregnant, I don't know that this is a symptom, but it is interesting.

And another thing about yesterday, I'd been seeing a fair amount of CM, but not yesterday, no, it pretty much all went away yesterday. Maybe it will come back today or tomorrow... who knows.

Apparently yesterday was an exciting day for my body. It was so exciting, I decided buy it a treat: a big multi-pack of tampons!


Celia said...

mmm. I have tested for no other reason than I wanted a second cup of coffee. I always feel better seeing the BFN because otherwise I get all hope-y. I like the smackdown of reality so when I really for real am not pregnant( again) it doesn't hurt as much.

On the other hand- your symptoms sound promising FOR REAL. I am crossing my fingers!

Michelle said...

Hey I'll join you in the craziness. I'm also 12dpo. Same types of things going on. Mine is weird nipple pain, CM issues, I feel like I'm starting, and I run just to find out it's more of the weird cm. And I'm extremely exhausted lately. Remember you told me yesterday the pee sticks are evil. Gotta stand strong with me! lol
I really hope this is it for you. It sounds like you're having some really good symptoms.

Lucy said...

Hoping these are good signs for you! ICLW

Hillary said...

Doesn't it just get crazy near the end of the tww?!? GL, and I am hopeful for you!