Thursday, March 19, 2009

I didn't make it

I was so dang tired I got my 'have to get it done today' work done and was out the door by 9:30. I've been sleeping for the last five hours and I finally feel decent again.

At first I thought about trying to fight it and stay at work all day, but I knew I wouldn't get anything done if I did that. And then I worried that I might be so tired that if I didn't get some rest now, that I would end up seriously sick tomorrow or this weekend. I've learned my lesson on that one and decided to cut my losses and come home.

Muffy is such a reliable sleep partner. I honestly don't think that cat is awake more than 2 or 3 hours a day... poor old baby.

But, now I'm awake and figure I should stay awake for awhile so that I can get to sleep tonight. I've got a Netflix movie that DH probably won't mind me watching alone.


Michelle said...

That's good you were able to get some sleep.
And I think it's cute that animals can sense when you aren't feeling well and are there to comfort in their furry ways.
Thanks again for your email and all the info. I really appriciate it.

Unknown said...

Sleep heals everything! I am sorry you were kind of not well, I hope you feel fresh and filled with energy tomorrow :) Hugs To You!