Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm stressed

I'm doing my best not to be, but I can feel it, I'm completely stressed. And knowing that I'm stressed stresses me more. Don't you just love that feeling?

The RE nurse called yesterday, I've got my mid cycle u/s and HSG scheduled for 4/6 (CD11). Coincidentally that's my 6 month anniversary with the RE. Do you think he'll remember and bring me something nice? Is there some kind of conversion for time spent cycling with the RE vs. time TTC at home... so 6mo feels like 9mo or something... I think it does.

I asked the nurse if my mid cycle didn't show any activity did he ever do anything like add follistim or more clomid or something to save the cycle. She said no, he's never done anything like that and there probably isn't any validity to doing that. I'm sure I've read blogs where RE's did that... whatev.

But this stresses me out more cause now I really wanted to be able to take full advantage of this cycle with the HSG and all, and I'm a little scared that I might not get to.

I actually think I've felt some *twinges* that might be significant on my left ovary, but I will need more clear signs before I am comforted by those.

You know what else stresses me out? The thought of my husband giving me my trigger.

I feel like I need to sit down with my boss again and explain that I will be taking off for the HSG and won't be sure that I will be able to make it back to work that day and then later that week (fingers crossed) I'll need to take off part of a day again (for the IUI) but I have no idea when. I'm so unreliable. More stress.

So I really need to find a way to de-stress quickly. I plan on watching dumb TV and walking on the treadmill tonight... if only I didn't have to cook dinner and clean the house too.


Hillary said...

Sorry your stressed -- I would be too. GL trying to de-stress tonight!!


Michelle said...

I'm sorry things are stressful right now. I always get the same way in the start of a cycle. I hope you're able to unwind tonight.
Thanks for your recent comments. It helps to know there are people who get it.

{Mrs.M} said...

Hi Amanda,
Try not to stress, it really can take a toll on your body. Embrace the "bad" but oh so good TV tonight :) I'm seriously giddy about all the reality garbage (that I love) that's on Tuesdays!
Hopefully you're walk on the treadmill will help relieve some stress too! :)

Shannon said...

That's annoying that your RE wouldn't try any other meds if you have no activity at mid-cycle. I can assure you it does make a difference. 150mg of Clomid didn't do a thing to my ovaries, but adding Gonal-F to the same cycle got me pregnant. Well, I guess technically adding Gonal-F to the same cycle got me like 20 follies, but still, you can't say it didn't make a difference.