Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It appears to be On

I got a call back from my surgeon's office today (from the nurse I so dearly love... she called me Hunny about 10 times... I ain't your Hunny, Hunny). Apparently Dr. C is ok with next Friday and would prefer if I was the first case of the day. So I'm being booked for 7:30am (which is good, I'd rather be early in the day than later).

The surgeon's office will handle the pre-certification with my insurance company, but is gets tricky with Dr. C coming in there of course. Apparently, Dr. C does not think my ins will cover his portion of the lap... however, my ins covers diagnostic stuff, so in my head, it could be coded as a diagnostic procedure (anybody know how diagnose endo without taking a look?). The surgeon will make all the cuts and do the 'ports' and Dr. C should only have to 'look'. Basically it sounds like Dr. C may be donating his time and it just won't appear in the bill and therefore doesn't have to be pre-certified. That's pretty cool of him, and hopefully he won't find anything so it will be quick. However, if he does see something that needs 'fixing' it sounded like then it will all be covered... cause I actually don't have to have outpatient procedures pre-certified. Are you confused? I'm confused. I've been told to not worry about it and everything would be taken care of. I'm going to trust them, because I don't think it will do any good to call the insurance myself. I just hope I don't wake up to a big bill.

I was also really wanting to talk to Dr. C before the surgery just to make sure I really understand what he will be looking for and what he will do if he sees something. The nurse said that he would be contacting me before the surgery, so I'm anxiously awaiting that call.

I'm really glad I'm getting all this done, but I'm definitely a little nervous... partially of the surgery in general, partially of side effects of getting rid of my gallbladder, and partially due to the fact that I'm so afraid that they will find something else wrong with me causing IF. I don't really think I have endo... adhesions are a possibility... I don't know what other kinds of thing they might see down there. Again, anxiously awaiting the call from Dr. C.

Ok, I had a nice vacation from the BBT thermometer, but I think I should pull it back out of the drawer now. BBT can be very informative. If I do it for several days and see that my temps are all over the place, I will assume that I'm just experiencing another anovulatory cycle and will ask for prometrium to start after the surgery. If my temps look more stable then I might want to talk with Dr. C about doing an IUI if he sees a good looking follicle down there (not likely, but just in case). I would rather not do the BBT thing right now, but I think it would make me feel a little better to have some idea of what's going on before surgery. I fully admit that I'm a control freak.


Michelle said...

That sounds cool about how the RE will step in on his time like that. Hopefully it is just a quick look and everything looks great :)
I never was good at keeping up with temping. But I'd say if it works for you and you know what to look for, I'd probably do it. That way after surgery and recovery, you can get back to it without having to worry about any tests or what ifs.

Darya said...

Good luck honey...haha

Seriously, I hope everything goes smoothly and they find out that everything else with you is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery! You will be in my prayers! :)

Celia said...

I will be thinking about you. You might enjoy the audio book I am listening to right now. It's called Austenland. I would not call it the best book ever, but it is pretty enjoyable escapism. Maybe you could download it?

My Mom had her gallbladder removed in 92 and I am told it is a much easier operation now.

The only lingering (haha) problem she had is really really bad gas if she ate fatty food like french fries.