Saturday, March 28, 2009

Repeating history

Nothing like getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday to go to the RE's.

Prior to my wanding, I got a guided tour of my surgery pics. Thrilling.

Everything was quiet at the wanding and we're on for another cycle.

Something funny has happened, my RE appointments used to be a lot 'simpler' because I didn't have any history. Now, all of a sudden, I've got history and he get's it wrong when we are talking and I have to keep reminding him that of it and correcting him. In my RE's defense, I was just there for a u/s, it wasn't a real appt. so I'll cut him some slack for not being up on the detailed history of my vagina.

So after going over what worked and what didn't work, I'm back at 100mg clomid. He started talking about maybe doing an IUI in the future and I stopped him there. I WANT AN HSG AND IUI NOW! Wish granted. It's in the works.

I do see a little of history repeating itself. I'm on 100mg of clomid and getting my mid cycle u/s before the HSG... just like I did when I had the cyst! Ok, I don't really think that I'll have to worry about a cyst this time, but if it does happen, I think I really might go off the deep end.


Michelle said...

That's too early for a Saturday. It's good they have weekend hours and could get you in though. Sounds like you got a really good start to the cycle. Good luck and I really hope this is it for you!

The Wife said...

That's way too early. I use to have to do that when I coached and I'm not looking forward to going back to it. I'm glad you're getting your HSG and IUI! Good luck!

Dianne said...

Good for you! Make them go at your pace.