Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Satisfying my tummy

I want to move on from yesterday so that I can hopefully stop thinking about that.

Last night I removed all my steri-strips. Actually, I had already removed one just a couple days after surgery... it just wasn't doing it's job. I didn't want to remove it, but I just didn't see how it was doing any good the way it was on me.

Most of my little wounds look really good. I had four incisions made. I can't see the one in my belly button at all. Then there are three other on my stomach and two of those look really good. The one were the steri-strip came off almost immediately looks the worst.

I've been putting bandaids over the 'bad' incision for several days and I had to quit yesterday cause the bandaids were really irritating my skin... turns out they were irritating it so much that some of my delicate belly skin actually was ripped off. Ouch.

I cleaned all the adhesive residue off with baby oil and my tummy skin was relieved to be moisturized by it. It's nice not to have black-sticky junk all over myself again.

And the food thing is going better. I haven't really been able to figure out what the trigger is for having a bad digestive experience... it's not simply fat. Turns out I can actually eat a fair amount of fat just fine. Yesterday, after my splits incident, I kinda said F-it and decided to eat my delicious Fage with strawberry yogurt. That was 12g of fat just fine. However, the other day I at a single slice of bread with no sugar added strawberry preserve (0.5g of fat) and suffered for it. It does not make sense.

I think I'm safer with foods that are more fiberous and have a better texture to them... less processed foods in general. I'm still experimenting. I can't wait till I get to enjoy some 'luxuries' again... pizza, tater tots, Taco Bell. Yes, I crave junk food.


Michelle said...

That's good you are healing well. And you're finding foods that work well. From what I've been reading, it takes a little while for the body to get used to things without it, and then most things sit ok.

Dianne said...

Ughh that is horrible!! I am so sorry that you have to deal with this on top of everything else!!

All I can say is that I am on Metformin also and when ever I look at a carb I have tummy issues.

It is so hard when all you want is comfort food after a surgery!!!