Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Someone finally talked to me

Ugg... well, I understand what is going on better now.

According to the nurse, the only way that Dr. C could code the lap would be to diagnose me with infertility (which I'm still not buying*, but whatev). And of course, my insurance doesn't cover "infertility" so if he did that, then I would be billed for half of the surgery. And he has resident clinic or something at 8 on Friday morning and can't find anyone to cover for him and my surgery is scheduled for 7:30.

So this is what's going to happen: He is seriously only going to look. He's not scrubbing in or anything. He will tell the surgeon to move stuff around so he can get a good look and then he's out of there.

"So what if he does see something?" you ask. Well, then I can be diagnosed with adhesions or endo or whatev and I can get another surgery and that should be covered by my insurance. Is that messed up or what? You can't have surgery to find out what's wrong with you unless you've had surgery and someone has seen that something is wrong with you. Very chicken or egg kinda deal.

I am a little disappointed.... However, I think it's important to keep things in perspective here: There probably isn't anything wrong down there (other than PCOS) so this looksy will ease my worries and I won't need a second surgery anyhow. But should I need a second surgery, I will be pissed.

By the way, I did a second OPK this afternoon. Totally negative, completely washed out. Nothing like the one I had this morning (and I had a sample comparably concentrated to this morning's) Weird... either I had a surge and O'd and it's over now, or that first stick was a fluke. Stupid OPKs! I hope my BBT thermometer is more reliable.

*I'm seriously not buying that cause my evil ex-gynecologist offered to open me up at the mention of pain associated with my gallbladder attacks and them happening around my period last year. I turned her down cause she scared the crap out of me (and she's a mean old one). Anyhow, if she could find a reason, I'm sure that he could too. And evil ex-gyne apparently loves to operate cause she has offered to open up every patient of hers that I happen to know (and scared the crap out of them too). Seriously, if you say to her, "I've had some cramping lately." She'll say, "Well, let's open you up and take a look."


Anonymous said...

I hate insurance. That is so lame that your RE would have to code it as infertility. It's good that he will still come and take a look in there. Hopefully your reproductive bits will look beautiful and you won't need another surgery.

Michelle said...

It's really messed up that they won't just let it happen at the same time to avoid the cost of going back in later. I hope that everything looks good when they do the surgery and that you don't have to go through it again.

Kitty said...

I am still confused about your surgery-non-surgery but I just hope everything goes well. Insurance sometimes sucks. Sometimes grand and sometimes sucks.

Have you responded to your sister in law? After the experience I'm having I'm not sharing anything about my IF journey with anyone, maybe ever again. But that's me. Your SIL may understand better or already know. Or maybe just knows bits and pieces. Honestly, i've given up on people that don't have IF bc they just can't possibly relate! Sorry to sound so negative bc I'm usually so postivie but I've about lost hope in other non-IF people for relating or sympathizing. So I hope I didn't confuse you but either way, you'l know what you want to do. Always know we're here and ready to listen and we can relate. I hope that eases your mind.

Thanks for your support as well.

Celia said...

That is why insurance sucks. How completely dumb. The hard part is opening you up for crap's sake. It's like BOGO.

The Wife said...

All that insurance stuff sound messed up! But I hope they find nothing wrong and you only have to be opened up once.