Thursday, March 12, 2009

T minus something

Well, there seem to be a lot of thoughts floating around in my head in a very unorganized fashion.

A big one is the status of this cycle. At this time, I'm going to say I didn't ovulate. Although I think I had a pos OPK and I had lots of CM, even some that definitely appeared to fall in the EW category, I think it's a no-go. My chart actually looked like something I remember from TCOYF... where your temp climbs and falls back and you may see patches of fertile CM but it's just your estrogen building and then falling.

It's that or I've got a new cyst. I have felt some "ominous pains" on my left ovary. Through my ultrasound habit, I have come to realize that some twinges are meaningless, and some are likely more significant and I refer to these as ominous.

So I am really hoping that someone will tell me tomorrow if they saw anything on my ovaries worth holding off on the prometrium for. Probably not. It will be like a getting really good ultrasound, but the tech is a controlling bitch that won't let you see the screen and won't tell you about what she saw afterwards. Sure, they'll tell me if I have need for another surgery, but not about what's going on this cycle, and right now, I'm more interested in that.

Then my next thought is that I need some one to call in prometrium for me. Do I call my clinic and ask now, or stop by on my way out of the hospital tomorrow, call on Monday? So I feel like I need to call my clinic now and leave a message for a nurse and wait for her to call me... I hate waiting all day for them to call me back. I wish they did email so that I could actually explain my thoughts and leave them a written record of my wishes.

And I left the piece of paper with the number on it I'm suppose to call if no one from surgery has called me by 3:00 today to tell me what time I should show up tomorrow. Since I know I'm the first case of the morning, I know it will be butt-crack-of-dawn early, but still I need a time.

And I had a dream last night that I lost my wedding ring... probably cause I hate to take it off for long periods of time and I will need to leave it at home tomorrow and I think I'm freaking out about that a little.

I did a little macabre joking with DH last night about who he should notify if I die. Not planning on it, but really, he should call a couple folks and let them know... I also told him he should post on my blog so that you all don't get left hanging. Yes, macabre, but always better to be prepared.

I got a little pissed at DH the other day for telling his parents that I'm having surgery tomorrow. Ok, it's fair to tell them, but he didn't tell me he was telling them, and he didn't tell them not to tell other family members. I seriously cannot handle 20 of his relatives calling me and asking questions and wishing me luck tomorrow. Once he told me he did that, I made him immediately call his parents back and tell them not to tell anyone else. MIL already told one of DH's aunts who probably told her husband, who will tell their kids (DH's cousins) who are always hanging out with BIL and SIL... and on and on. I only told my parents and I know they don't care and won't tell anyone (unless it's a slow family gossip day) and even if they did, my siblings don't give a damn, so I know I won't have to deal with them. DH's family is actually loving and caring and sometimes it's hard to get used to that when your family is not.

Well, I will plan on posting sometime tomorrow afternoon if I feel up to it. Hopefully nothing too exciting happens between now and then.


Surgery called... the butt-crack of dawn is 5:30... of course we will have to leave the house at 4:45 to make it there on time.

My RE's nurse called me back. She's calling in my prometrium today, I'm going to plan it so that CD1 is April Fool's Day. I let her know I want an HSG and IUI next cycle as long as everything turns out fine tomorrow. If everything does not turn out fine, I may not know till Tuesday cause his nurse is off Monday and won't give me results till Tuesday unless Dr. C says for the surgeon to tell me something. And if everything is fine, I won't hear anything. So, if I seem a little crazier than normal over the next several days, you'll know why.


Nichole said...

I just wanted to stop by and say that I am praying for a very successful, uneventful surgery for you today! Take care of yourself, get some rest and hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, just hang in there and try and keep your sanity somehow. I think it's great that you're doing the lap, for peace of mind if nothing else.

I remember going back and forth with my gyno about 2 years ago who insisted that she was pretty sure that I did not have endo, but labeled me as having "unexplained infertility". Trust me it's good to push on and go with your gut - I turned out to have stage iv endo. I'm glad I didn't listen to her.

Noemi said...

thank you for all your support, i appreciate it. we'll see what happens. your in my prayers with your surgery.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery - I'll be thinking of you!

Hillary said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope you can get some sleep and that the surgery will go very smoothly!

Michelle said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes well. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today. I hope the surgery went well and that the recovery is easy. That pesky gallbladder won't be causing you any more troubles!