Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have no will power.

I have been trying to watch what I eat. Mostly, I've been trying to cut the "excess carbs" out. Since I'm a vegetarian, carbs are not optional all together. For me and what I normally eat, excess carbs are things like cookies and other sugary foods, chips, and larger portions of the normal carb sources than I should eat.

But my office is screwing up my diet. We had a client event last night and we brought in meat and cheese trays, fruit trays, veggie trays, about 20' worth of (meat) subs, about 20lbs of potato salad, potato chips, and a couple of cookie trays. Not to mention gallons of sweet and unsweetened tea and lemonade. Only 20 to 30% of the food purchased got eaten. So their is a crap load of food left. There is so much food left that we had to put 2 gallons of tea and 6 cartons of lemonade in our fridge at home cause their wasn't enough room in the work fridge and my boss had to take about 8' of subs back to his house.

Good Lord, that's a lot of food.

So guess what, today we must eat it. I had a lovely hummus/onion/tomato/feta/flatbread sandwich planned for lunch and now I have to eat picked over broccoli and mealy cherry tomatoes. There is some good looking cheese, but because it has been too close to the meat, I can't eat it (cause not only do I not like meat, I find it absolutely disgusting... the cheese might as well have been next to feces the way I see it).

But there are also tons of cookies and chips... I already had two cookies yesterday and one this morning! I have fallen off the wagon. Thankfully, my coworkers are making the cookies disappear very rapidly. They won't temp me much longer. However, those damn potato chips will try to destroy me for the rest of the day. Oh, chips are so good. Why do the tasty things have to be soooo bad for us?

Tonight, no excuses, me and the treadmill have a date.


Celia said...

Reward yourself with a Klondike Slim A Bear. There are delicious and about a hundred calories. Or maybe some Flat Earth chis, they count as a serving of vegetables.

Michelle said...

Reading this makes me hungry for junk food.....bad! lol