Monday, March 16, 2009

That was interesting

Well, Dr. C called me. He let me know again that my reproductive system looked great but...

He doesn't think I ovulated based on my P4. I think he said it was 1.7. I asked if it was possible that it had just happened so recently that maybe my CL hadn't developed enough yet (the P4 was drawn about 8 hours after my alleged mittelschmerz)? Yes, possible, but he think it might have been a little early and I hadn't O'd yet or it was possibly a cyst. Damn cysts.

So, I will enthusiastically submit to another stabbing on Friday or whenever to solve the mystery.

I personally think I did ovulate... I can feel something on my left ovary (and it feels similar to the CL from last cycle on my right ovary), my boobs are sore and that is a strong sign of progesterone to me... unless some drug they gave me caused it (and is still causing it). Actually, on the sore boobs point, they didn't turn sore till 9dpo last cycle and were quite sore at 1 dp'o' this cycle... I have no idea if that is significant or not. Oh, and I had a solid thermal shift on my BBT chart... it's actually higher at this point in the cycle than it was last cycle.

But he could be right that we missed the timing a little and it wasn't early Friday morn which would put our timed intercourse even further off schedule. Oh well, really nothing I could do about that. We tried our best.

We talked about the bleeding which has pretty much stopped by now and he wasn't very concerned about it.

And one other thing... I mentioned the other day that I have no dignity left since they catheterized me (not that I had much to lose at that point), well he shed some light into that subject. My bladder was apparently terribly distended, they drained like 700ml out of me (that's nearly a liter, and trust me, I couldn't have squeezed a drop out of it before surgery, giving my HCG sample was hard enough).

But it all makes sense now... I did something to my bladder (not sure what of course) a while back to set it off and I should have known something was up cause back on Feb 11 at my last u/s the tech had mentioned my bladder was still pretty full despite the fact that I had gone potty not that long before the wanding. Since about then, I go often, but not much and it had been concerning me somewhat. I was honestly worried that my kidneys were screwed up. I had even hinted at some problems in a couple of posts. Well, I guess since I stretched it out so bad, it would go back to normal size, so the draining the other day 'reset' things and you will all be happy to know that I am taking nice long, full pees now. Things seem right again and the change I noticed after surgery wasn't in my head.

Ok, so that was most of my conversation with Dr. C. I held it together and didn't get mushy (hearing you didn't O when you thought you did will harden you fast).

But I consider this another victory for the surgery. Let's review all the wonderful benefits of the surgery
-Got rid of that good for nothin' gallbladder
-Made sure the old reproductive organs are up to par
-Got some sweet narcotics to hang on to for when I get my HSG done (screw advil, I got vicoFREAKINdin).
-Fixed Amanda's apparently broken bladder
-Got a chance to appreciate all the wonderful people in my life
-Finally used some of those ginormous overnight pads I keep around for no reason
-Day off work
-Got out of doing the litter box this week (priceless)


Michelle said...

I'm glad you got the chance to talk to the Dr. I hope the level goes up on Friday and you find out that you did in fact ovulate. I hope we can be 2ww buddies! Although not sure about here either...
It sounds like you are recoverying pretty well. I'm glad everything is going good and you've got answers.
And I have to say, that's good news that you can use the good drugs for your HSG! I did advil for mine and it didn't touch it. I wish I'd have had something really good for that day!

Unknown said...

It is very good you got to talk to your doctor, sounds like you are healing well. Oh my, you are LUCKY to have drugs for your HSG, I just wrote a little bit about my experience with my HSG, I wonder if the heavier stuff might had helped...
Hugs to you :)

Nichole said...

I hope your right and you did "O". As for the bladder thing - that is worth looking into. I have had chronic bladder infections for as long as I can remember - maybe I need a good draining to get things back in order. LOL Big Hugs!!!