Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is why I hate OPKs

First, if you want to see how I responded to my SIL please check my update on the post below.

Now for those stupid OPKs. I had said that I didn't want to do them this cycle unless it was absolutely necessary. Well it appeared to be necessary yesterday and I finally went and bought a box of the Answer strips.

Let's go through the symptoms shall we: My left ovary 'woke up' back at my acupuncture appt the other week and has since given me a few, legitimate feeling twinges (as opposed to last cycle where it was the boy who cried wolf the whole cycle). Then, yesterday, I had lots of stretchy, cloudy cm. Not exactly the fertile stuff, but enough to make me think something was up. Then I had a sharp pain out of old Lefty... strong enough that had I not only been on CD12 of a non-medicated cycle, I'd thought it was mittelschmerz.

So, on CD12, I bought OPKs. I went home to test, I caught my pee and the stuff was clear and pristine as a mountain stream! Honestly, that was a first for me, usually it is somewhat yellow. So, obviously, I didn't bother testing. So a couple hours later (NO water since the mountain stream incident) and tried again and it was the same! Really, I don't drink that much water, so I'm really confused, but I gave up for the night after that.

This morning (CD13), I finally made some of the good stuff, I dipped my strip and it looks positive. So I still have one digital happy face test left and I decide to use it to confirm it's a positive. No happy face. Damn. But I swear, this is what my positive looked like when I had my cyst, so I suspect that the sensitivities may be different between the tests. I checked peeonastick.com and there is no sensitivity listed for the Clear Blue Easy digital tests, but the Answers are 40.

Sorry for the graininess. I swear if you saw it in person, the left side of the test line is definitely as dark as the control line, and that equaled a positive last time. When I have a negative, the test line looks nothing like this... if it's not a true positive, it's real close.

Ok, so I'm on CM watch today and I'm taking those stupid strips to work to test again later (I hate testing at work). We had 'relations' last night and I guess we should have them again tonight.

Now I really, really want Dr. C to hold my hand and tell me this is a good thing and the surgery won't interfere with it. So, it looks like we probably won't be doing any kind of HSG. At least I won't have to worry about getting an IUI done sometime after the surgery.


Michelle said...

I really dislike opks too. I'm seriously on the fence about if I want to give them a try this time or not. I never tried the happy face ones. What brand is that?
How often do you do the acupuncture visits?

Michelle said...

Thanks for the info. I just did some checking and the closest acupuncture place that does anything fertility related is a good hour and half away. If this doesn't work in the next couple months, maybe I'll give it a try this summer...

Anonymous said...

OPKs suck for me also. I found that taking my BBT in combination with the OPK, as sort of a confirmation helped me a little. Although it is a pain to remember to take your temp every freaking morning.

Michelle said...

Thanks. I'll have to do some more research.

Anonymous said...

I hate opks. I spent something like sixty dollars on two sets of the smiley face ones and never saw a damn smiley face on my rest cycle. I much prefer knowing for sure with an hcg trigger. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Apparently the Clear Blue Easy Happy Face tests have a sensitivity of 30. So theoretically, I should not have seen a positive on the Answers... so no positive yet? maybe?

I really hate OPKs!

The Wife said...

I've given up on OPKs! I only do them because I have to.