Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another cycle cometh

Well, she's here. Joy.

I knew the end was near last night at the grocery store... actually before then at dinner. We went out to eat and someone was having a birthday party and they'd brought a giant chocolate chip cookie in lieu of cake. I said to my husband that I wanted a giant cookie too. Well then we went to the store and man, I REALLY WANTED A BIG OLD CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. I wanted to open a sleeve of Chips Ahoy right there and go to town on them.

When I realized my period was coming in March it was about 3pm and I was at work and I left to drive to the grocery store down the road to get a 3 Musketeers and a Take 5 cause I couldn't go on living another minute without chocolate.

Yeah, so I realized that this is the sign that AF is near and therefore I DESERVE A COOKIE, DAMMIT.

But, I'm still trying to loose weight so we opted to buy a tub of the cookie dough and went home and made four hot, moist, delicious cookies and we each ate two. There is more dough in the fridge and I would hate for it to go bad, so I think we might be having dessert again tonight.

And I paid my hospital bill for my surgery the other day. I have officially burnt up my flexible spending account. Actually I've spent about twice what I put back, I just held off submitting a bunch of claims since I knew my surgery would take me over the top without them. Oh well, at least I'm onto what I call 'golden time' with the ins now... only copays these days. Too bad they don't cover IF. I'm keeping a spreadsheet of my IF expenses. They are getting to be substantial. Whoever said clomid was cheap must have been a fertile.

And I ended up with a 15 day LP... right in between my 14 and 16. Actually, I'm pretty glad it ended when it did. I'm trying to keep the number of u/s's I get down and this way it should just be my baseline and a mid cycle on CD13. Last cycle I got my mid cycle on CD11 (since that was my HSG day too) but it was a little early and forced me to get another u/s. This time I think we should hit everything a little better.

Oh, and I started baby aspirin the other day. I talked about it with my nurse if my cycle didn't work out and she said it was fine if I wanted to. Although my lining has been thick enough, I suspect that the clomid might be affecting the quality... I'm just grasping at straws now, cause LAST CYCLE SHOULD HAVE WORKED. Oy.


Hillary said...

Sorry for the final BFN of AF :( ((hugs))

Michelle said...

Aww I'm sorry it showed. I think you deserve a cookie too.

Celia said...

AF is still hiding from me. She is ALWAYS a jerk. Watch out for next month's AF, be prepared for AF to go from not there to RIGHT THERE.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that AF is here. Last cycle seemed so perfect.

I know that frustration about extra ultrasounds. I especially hated it when we were doing injectables because the extra ultrasound also meant an extra blood draw, which also wasn't cheap. Especially when we knew that on cd 10, nothing would be ready.

I hope the baby aspirin helps make your lining even cushier this month.

Anonymous said...

hello, just wanted to offer some BFN hugs and make my first comment and stop lurking.