Monday, April 27, 2009

Going through the motions

This is how it's going to go: clomid 100mg, days 3-7, mid cycle u/s, trigger, IUI, 2WW, BFN.

I really don't think last cycle could have gone better, so why will this cycle work when the last one didn't? Perhaps the stats just haven't been in my favor yet. Maybe they never will.

I'm not very optimistic about this cycle.

I asked my nurse if she could get me antibiotics to help with my cervical mucus. Last cycle I had antibiotics for my HSG and lo and behold I had AWESOME CM until I ran out of antibiotics several days before ovulation and it all dried up. TCOYF also recommends antibiotics for CM... it says no one knows why it works, but trust me, it does.

I know I'm getting an IUI anyway, but it would be nice if some of the sex we have is actually useful too. They haven't ever given antibiotics for that reason at my clinic, and she doesn't think that Dr. C will let me have them. I think she's right.

I was asking a bunch of questions about NEXT cycle (cause I've already written this one off)... my nurse thinks I should set up another appointment with Dr. C to ask my questions since she can't really do anything for me as far as changing my treatment. I'm ok with making an appointment towards the end of the cycle, but Dr. C talks so much I never really get my questions asked so I can imagine what that will be like. Oh well, maybe it will give me something to focus on during the 2WW.

And I think I missed a call from my clinic on the way home, but they didn't leave a message. I wonder what they wanted.


Celia said...

I feel that a smoothie with yogurt always improves my cm. It can't hurt.

I never heard before that penicillin improved CM, I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

I think it's that the stats just haven't been in your favor yet. Even when everything goes perfectly, a healthy couple with no fertility issues has only a 20-25% chance each month. It's depressing to think about but it can also be somewhat freeing to know that it's not necessarily YOU, you know, since you are controlling ovulation and insemination. It's so frustrating though.

I did not know that about antibiotics. Very interesting. I did try mucinex for a couple of clomid cycles, but I rarely ever get EWCM, no matter what. I'm a fan of Preseed, but the husband frequently would say "oh god, do we have to use that sandpaper lube again?" Clearly he doesn't like it. I think it's just a mental thing though, because I don't think it's that bad.

Amanda said...

I tried the mucinex a couple of times and it's gross and I've noticed that the little CM I did get smelled like mucinex and that doesn't seem good to me. That's why I decided to just start with the IUIs.

Michelle said...

I know it's hard to stay hopeful and extremely frustrating when everything was timed perfectly and should have worked. That's interesting about the antibiotics and cm. I've tried mucinex and robitussin before and both annoy me. This month I'm trying green tea and still searching for other ideas...I'll be optimistic for you.

Oh, and thanks for the info about the video. I am going to check that out before I forget.

Anonymous said...

Try writing down all you questions and then prioritising them. Then at least you get the more important ones answered even if your dr does waffle on. I do hate unhelpful doctors...

I'm hoping for you even if you're not.

Amanda said...

Caretotry - Your plan is good, and that's exactly what I did last time I had a consult with him and I only got 1 answered and our appointment was ~45min long. I even tried to make it obvious to him that I had a list of questions I was trying to get through and he just kept talking. I appreciated what he had to say but I just couldn't stop him long enough to ask anything. Kinda frustrating.

Lucy said...

I find it hard to be optimistic that another cycle, on the same routine, will make any difference. It's hard to imagine a BFP ever really within my reach. I have to remind myself it really is a possibility, and each cycle is a new chance...and like pp said, it's always just 20-25%, so that's frustrating but also a good point for me to hold on to. GL!