Sunday, April 19, 2009

I just have to prove I'm right

I stopped at the Dollar Tree the other day and stocked up.

Um, yeah, cause that's how I roll.

The guy at the check out register had a nice laugh. Actually, it's not that funny, jerk.

Today is 8dpiui and approx 10dptrigger, so I must POAS to prove that the Trigger has left my body. My RE said it can take 14 days which would be about 12dpo which still does not explain their No Beta until 17dpo rule. So I must satisfy Ms. GottaBeRightAllTheTime in me.

The results this morning... it might just be my imagination, but it appears that their actually was a ghostly light line there. I had to turn on all of the lights in the bathroom and pop off the top, but maybe it really was there. It was too light to get a picture of and when I came back an hour later it had disappeared.

So, it could be that their is a smidgen of trigger HCG left in me (which would make my RE right, dammit). Or that my test was quirky. Or I've gone off the deep end and am imagining double lines. (FYI, those are the only acceptable theories at this time, so please do not suggest anything else.)

I think I will have to test again tomorrow (just to prove I'm right, of course).


Celia said...

mmm, when do you test for real, for real?

Amanda said...

Every stick counts, for real.

Anonymous said...

And the testing begins! Test away! I've never used Dollar Tree tests before. I don't know if we have one nearby, but I'm sure I could have saved a lot of money if I had. How sensitive are they?

I got criticized for taking as many tests as I did. Seriously, I felt like an a-hole when a blogger I respect, who is a nurse, wrote a rant on her blog about how stupid it is to keep taking tests and how you should wait for a beta. Then I realized, what the hell. Why am I letting someone I don't know make me feel bad?

I don't have the patience to not test and just wait for a beta. Waiting hours for a beta phone call is way worse than waiting three minutes after POAS.

I hope that ghostly line gets darker and darker and darker!

Kitty said...

Hey- I hope your line darkens!!! And FYI- I got my BFP 10dpo and 12dp Trigger and I saw the trigger waas gone as early as 9dpo or 11dp trigger. I hear it can leave as early as 7-8 days but depends on your amt if it was higher or not. But you're probbaly save. Hope you get great news!!!

Hillary said...

Have fun POAS!! Keep us posted :)

Michelle said...

You know, when I'd get tests from there, the clerk would always laugh at me too. I'd buy them 10 at a time usually.
I really hope that this is it for you!