Saturday, April 11, 2009

IUI #1

Well, now I know what an IUI is like. It's pretty much what I thought.

DH did his thing. We went to a new store and browsed around for awhile. The clinic called me when we were headed back up on the elevator and said they were ready for me. Thirty seconds later we were inside the clinic where we waited for about 20 minutes for some reason. Ready for me? I think not.

Finally, it was business time. DH really did do his job, 121 million post wash. My vagina didn't want to do it's job. My cervix kept being difficult. I know I made a few grimaces as things got more uncomfortable. Dr. C kinda apologized. I said that if I couldn't handle this then I probably didn't have any business being pregnant. Dr. C said they don't usually say that to patients, but, yeah, if you can't handle an IUI you're in the wrong place.

I got a chance to have a nice little conversation with Dr. C as he was battling my vaginal walls. He's been an RE for 22 years so maybe he does know what he's doing. He also went to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm to do general surgery and gynecology. Not bad conversation to have with a guy 6 inches from your crotch.

I was reminded that my clinic apparently refuses to do betas till 17 dpo. That seems excessive to me and maybe even a little cruel. Dr. C said that you can still have the trigger showing up to 14 days later. I'm not buying that for a second... maybe some special person has that problem, but not I... I've checked.

Here's hoping for an Easter miracle (or two)!


{Mrs.M} said...

Great news! I'll be anxiously checking your blog to see how you're doing! :) Happy Easter!

Celia said...

Hoping hoping! Maybe the beta rule is to keep people from any false hope. You KNOW you are gonna POS before then. I am so excited for you! And I CANNOT WAIT for my turn!

Hillary said...

Sounds like it was a success -- what a great post wash count!! I'm hoping for that Easter miracle with you!

Michelle said...

I hope this is it!! My clinic is about the same with the long wait. They say they won't do a blood test till 2 weeks after the 7dpo blood work. It's torture. Anyway, I hope this works for you!

Anonymous said...

My god, 121 million post wash!? That is amazing! With that many sperm up there, at least one of those eggs must get fertilized. I'm so excited and hopeful for you! Everything has fallen into place beautifully this cycle.