Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IVP to the Rescue

Birds mentioned them her comment and so did my nurse when she called me back yesterday afternoon. My trigger should be arriving at my clinic today and I can grab it at my Wednesday morning appt.

I have this scary fantasy that they give my trigger to someone else in a mixup and I get screwed. Not likely, but I'm well versed in Murphy's law.

Since my follicles are still competing for dominance, I've been trying to guess which one will win. Yesterday my money was on Lefty, but today Righty is putting up a fight. Who will win? Will they tie? Oh, the suspense is killing me.


Celia said...

BOTH BOTH BOTH! Two follicles for the win! That is the rally cry over here.

{Mrs.M} said...

It's going to be neck and neck, I'm saying righty! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad that my knowledge of the vast number of ways to acquire fertility drugs has come in handy for someone. IVP Care also charges WAY less for Ovidrel than my local pharmacy. I love them.

Good luck tomorrow! I also hope for both follicles to keep growing and double your chances of getting at least one good embryo.

The Wife said...

I'm voting for both follicles! I'm glad you were able to get everything you needed squared away.

Michelle said...

I'm hoping for both! That's good that they will have the trigger in for you in time. Good luck!!!