Monday, April 6, 2009

Not that bad

Today was actually pretty good.

First, at my mid-cycle u/s it was kinda torturous because apparently the reg u/s tech quit and they had someone from the maternal/fetal medicine department and she wouldn't tell me anything or show me anything. But when the nurse came in, it turned out to all be good. I have a follicle measuring 14mm on EACH of my ovaries. I may have to eat my words from my earlier post. No idea what my pains from Saturday were due to. I need to go back Wednesday to get another scan.

Then it was off to get the HSG done. I took 4 Advil and 2 Vico.din and was feeling pretty great ahead of time. In fact, Dr. C joked with the radiologist that I probably felt better than anyone else in the room. I just smiled and nodded, cause I'm sure that was true. I will say there were some uncomfortable and still even painful parts, but it was not as bad as I anticipated it to be. Plus, it was really quick so I wasn't in discomfort for long. Tubes appear good and no surprises. (Well, I actually was surprised that they wouldn't allow DH in the room during the test, but he got to come in after to see the results.)

I also got a couple of minutes to talk with Dr. C about my mid cycle results. At this point he said it could end up either way and I could have 1 or 2 follicles at trigger, but he thinks I'm in a pretty good position right now. (Of course, I'm secretly hoping for two!)

I stopped by the pharmacy on my way out to get them to prepare my HCG trigger refill so I could pick it up on Wednesday. Turns out there is a shortage of HCG right now and they WILL NOT have any in by then. Eek! I immediately called and left a message at my clinic. I'm sure we'll get some from somewhere (there are no other pharmacies in the area that carry that either), but at least I found out today and not Wednesday.

And big bonus today. I finally remembered to ask how much an IUI costs at my clinic. My jaw about dropped: $145! I seriously thought it would be way more than that. No complaints here.

I'm at work and still a little high (DH drove me in) and hopefully things will continue to progress nicely. I feel like I can finally chill out and relax a little now.


{Mrs.M} said...

Awesome news, yay for you!
Thinking good "2" follie thoughts!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, 2 follicles! That is great news.

I'm so glad that HSG went pretty well for you. They only gave me one measly valium (and that was after I insisted on SOMETHING, anything for anxiety and pain), but I also took a vicodin I had lying around. But 2 vicodin would have been nice.

Sorry to hear about the hcg trigger shortage. Is there a chance of using a mail order pharmacy? Mine (IVP Care) ships things overnight, no charge.

Does the IUI cost include the semen wash? My clinic charges $166 for the IUI, but the semen wash and prep is another $109 and they are separate charges, so the total ends up being $275. It might be worth asking about so you aren't surprised.

Celia said...

I am glad you got some good drugs. I forgot to take mine for the hsg. good times.

Hooray for two follicles! Two chances!

Amanda said...

Birds- Yes, I'm pretty sure she said that $80 of that was for the semen washing and $65 for the IUI. I know these treatments are expensive, but my clinic seems to have pretty good prices. I also live in a pretty modest wage part of the country, most people around here would have a hard time with those prices in a good economy.

Michelle said...

That is great news!!!! Yay for 2 :)
I'm glad the HSG went well. I was dumb at mine and only took 2 advil.
I'll have to look, but I have a few places that we've ordered our stuff from, that overnight at no charge. I know they do more than just this state, so maybe they could get your trigger....I'll look and if I find the number, I'll let you know. And that is a good deal for the IUI. Not bad at all. I'm glad you had a good appt. Good luck!!

Celia said...

My obgyn said the hsg is a good indicator of how you will handle the pain of childbirth.

Which is reassuring, I guess.

Amanda said...

Celia - Do you think your obgyn might be full of it sometimes.

If that were true at all a couple of vico.din and advil and I'll be set to push out a kid... I think not.

However, I'd say that we are all tougher than normal cookies for putting up this stuff! IF isn't for weaklings.

Hillary said...

Glad the procedure went well, and that's AWESOME that you have two potential follicles!

Darya said...

Good luck this cycle and getting the HCG! Glad you got your HSG done too! I have to have one soon, I'll see if I can get some vicadin!! :-)