Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Panic, despair

Now I really don't think I ovulated at all.

I do BBT for 1 reason these days: To confirm Ovulation.

Yesterday I got a temp that looked great. I decided to temp one more time as final confirmation, and I got a temp that told the opposite.

Let's review the last couple days:

CD 14 97.4 (Trigger that night)
CD 15 96.9
CD 16 97.2 (IUI day, theoretical O day)
1dpiui 97.4 (Slow rise again?)
2dpiui 98.1 (Awesome LP temp)
3dpiui 97.4 (Oh no, why? Devastation)

Is it possible to explain that away as a dip at 3dpo? I've have never heard of that. And I'm really a very consistent temper. I don't just get jumps or dips out of nowhere, and certainly not of that magnitude. That 98.1 should be a good temp. I even checked my thermometer to make sure it was working.

If it was a dip then their should probably be some CM showing up today to back it up and I will be on the look out.

I should also note that my boobs slightly hurt on Sunday and part of Monday but quit. I told my husband right before we went to sleep last night that my boobs didn't hurt at all. Maybe I know why now.

Also, my ovaries feel like they have GFCs on them and not corpus luteums. GFCs would explain all the weird feeling I've been getting from do there. They could still be CL's, but I'm growing more doubtful.

When I saw that temp I just wanted to cry. I took me right back to December. From the highest high, to the lowest low.

I will be temping again tonight. I pray that today was just a dip.


The Wife said...

I have a weird habit of dipping on 3DPO. I'm not sure what's going on but it happens every ovulating cycle. Remember how much I freaked out a couple of months ago? Just try to remember you're looking at your temps as a whole and not as single isolated events.

Celia said...

I don't temp, but I do panic every month and decide nothing worked the way it should. Which of course it never does. However, I refuse to give up hope on your behalf.

Amanda said...

Wife - That's the problem. If I look at the numbers as a whole, 97.4 is pretty consistent, the 98.1 is the weirdo.

The Wife said...

Well I'm holding out hope, I think tonight's/tomorrow's temp will be the deal breaker.

Michelle said...

I've never stuck with temping long enough to get anywhere with it, so I don't really get it I guess. I hope that it was just a weird dip and that you did in fact ovulate. I'm still hopeful for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are worried about your temps Amanda. I have stressed out many times over a low temp here and there, especially in the first 3-4 days after ovulation, and I always have a slow rise. I know it's hard not to overanalyze, but you had the trigger and that can sometimes mess up temps a little.

When do you go for the P4?
Could you maybe get the RE to do another ultrasound to check out the CL?

As far as the sore boobs going away, I am of no help. All of my injectable cycles I had painfully sore boobs, but this cycle, nothing. Weird.

I hope your temp jumps back up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I'm not very good at tempting either - I'm too easily frustrated. I hope everything goes well for you.

Good Egg Hunting said...

I don't temp either but I definitely don't think you should lose hope based on one -- from what I understand they can be really erratic from both PCOS and from medicated cycles. Wishing you the best!

Hillary said...

I'm with everyone else -- my body has its patterns, but it also does new and annoying things each cycle, too. So with that and adding the trigger to the mix...I think it could mean nothing. I'm hoping so, and let us know what your temp is tomorrow!