Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raising expectations

Acupuncturist: (sits on table and uses his best high school counselor impression) We need to talk.

Me: (rolling jeans up to knees) Oh, we do?

A: Yes, you told M. you had some bad news.

Me: (stops rolling jeans) I did? Well, yeah, I'm not pregnant. That's the bad news.

A: Ok, well, what's the timeline now?

Me: Let's see... I'm 26 and I'll be 35 in 9 years, how's that for a timeline? (finishes rolling jeans)

Did he think I would just give up after a couple of months? That is the impression I got. It's not like I really think I can keep doing this till I'm 35, but I've got a few more cycles in me at least.

He's a chiropractor and probably doesn't see too many infertility patients as committed as me. I think I surprised him today. I wonder how many people give up after a few failed clomid cycles.


Celia said...

Maybe you are more proactive than the average patient? Maybe they see more IVF people?

Anonymous said...

I empathize with your situation. I had an acupuncturist day of my own yesterday. Check out my blog for details. Why is it that they act that way??

Amanda said...

I love my acupuncturist, I go through withdrawal when I haven't been pinned in a while. I guess all the enya music and some mangled communications confused him the other day. But we're cool.

Anonymous said...

Some people are strange. A friend was telling me about how her sister "struggled with infertility for years", so I asked if they did clomid, injectables, or IVF and she was like no, they just tried for a few years and it didn't happen so they gave up.

While I'm sure that might be the right decision for some people, I am so far beyond that it's not funny. Some people just aren't educated enough about the options, or are brainwashed by conservative or religious views that are anti-fertility treatment.

How is the clomid going this cycle?