Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Betrayed by my body again

Somehow I have managed to lose some weight this year (thanks Met!). But the sad irony is the first place I always loose weight from is my Boobs. For a big girl, I have a small rack. I don't want huge boobs or anything, I just want to balance out. And most plus sized clothes are made for girls with more up top, which makes finding things that fit ever harder.

Well, for the last week or two I've had terrible rib pains. I didn't know what it was at first, but I soon figured it had to be from my bra. It wasn't too tight, but I suspected that the girls had indeed shrunk some. So last night I went bra shopping.

Ugg... I hate bra shopping. Perhaps it's due to traumatic experiences from my childhood. I have to go to Lane Bryant and we have the worst sales associates in the world at mine. Of course no one bothers to ever come over and help me even though there is no one else in the store. I grabbed about a dozen bras in every combo of band and cup size in the style I wear and went to try on.

And I really hate that dumb stat that 1 in 10 people are wearing the right bra size, or whatever it is. It's probably mostly true (if they look saggy or you got chub squeezing out you probably need a new bra), but I've done the measuring before to find my 'true' bra size and I ended up with something ridiculously huge that didn't fit. Now, I just make sure that it's comfortable, slims me, straps are in the correct place, and the girls are properly supported and look to be in the correct place and no one's spilling out.

Now to be a hypocrite. I'm pissed about what bra size worked the best for me. I was a 42C (yes, I told you I'm fat) and I ended up in a 44B. For the record, at my thinest, I could wear a Victoria Secret 36C. However I do understand that cup sizes are not fixed things, so even though I went down in cup size, the increase in band size made up for it some.

But still, I've lost weight and I had to get a bigger band! I've lost like 4 (full) pant sizes this year but I just gained a band size. Nuts. Can I blame this on the clomid too?

Oh well, rib pain is gone. I'll stop my bitching now and just be happy that things are taken care of.


The Wife said...

Ugg! I hate bra shopping too! Every time I have to make the trip to LB I always buy like 5 or 6 so that I don't have to go back any time soon. But yay for the weight loss!

Celia said...

I have to go bra shopping and I have been putting it off.

I don't even remember what size I wear anymore. I keep loosing weight in my butt which is fine, but it just makes me look more PCOS shaped with a huge middle.

Try going to Torrid, if you have one near you.

One Blessed Momma! said...

Yep, bra shopping is LAME! I am down to one "good" bra and even that one has broken and partially missing underwires. Both my girls are a different size so bra shopping is even more interesting trying to find one that "looks" like it fits...Glad you were able to find some.

And YAY for the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

This post made me crack up laughing. I think you and I have the same approach to bra shopping. And to make it even worse the damn things are expensive!! But you have to buy them just so they can make laundry day suck even more or let them get totally trashed in the dryer.

Noemi said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I also hate bra shopping, i have a similar problem in that my back is wide and my cup size is small. Annoying!!

Hillary said...

lol, I also lose weight first in my boobs -- and they are tiny to begin with!! You think you're tiny, I'm an A cup!). And I think I gain weight in my hips....why isn't it a direct correlation and I could gain/lose in the same place?!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate bra shopping too. I was once "properly" measured at a Macys and my technical size was something that nobody made bras in. Of course it was a skinny bitch who was measuring me. I try to do most of my bra shopping online now. Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria full coverage bras are the only ones I bother with now. I now have one good bra that fits and isn't falling apart and 3 bras in various states of stretched out and worn.

Yay for losing 4 pants sizes though. That's wonderful!