Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching up

I have been pretty busy lately and I don't think I will be catching a break for awhile. Work is busy, home is busy, family is busy, TTC is a pain... you know. So I'm behind on my reader and commenting. Hopefully I'll catch up this weekend.

I left my planner at home today and I'm kinda glued to that thing, so I'll probably be more irritable today without it.

Today is CD13 and I got my follicle check this morning. I had an 18mm on Lefty and I think that is same size we had last month at this time (I think, if I had my planner I would know for sure). Since last month did not work, we are pushing off the trigger till Sunday night (CD15) and then IUI on Tuesday morning (CD17).

As soon as I get done with my IUI I get to travel to the far corner of my state for a client meeting and I probably won't get home till 1am or something. Sounds like a fun day doesn't it? Maybe I will ovulate while in a meeting with my client, that should make things interesting.

My nurse also let me in on some interesting info. We are getting a new female RE from a much larger clinic in June/July. She is more progressive (Dr. C is more old school) and my nurse thinks I should meet with her and see if she will treat me a little more proactively. I think it's a good idea and I will probably set up something after she starts her clinics, but for next month I need to keep working with Dr. C, so nothing will change any too quickly.

And I remembered to have my nurse draw circles on me for my trigger today. She asked, jokingly, if I wanted smiley faces. I laughed but said no, only because I am worried that my shirt might ride up a work and my coworkers don't need to see that. But I totally forgot about my acupuncture appointment afterwards. It would have been hilarious for him to pull up my shirt and see smiley faces staring back. Missed an opportunity.


Celia said...

A FEMALE RE? OMG. It's like you captured a unicorn. I am so envious.

One time I lost my planner, and had literally no idea what to do. I was calling people and asking" Am I supposed to be there? No? Ok."

Nichole said...

I totally agree with Celia! I didn't know there was such a thing as a female RE...I wonder why that is? Hmmmm

Michelle said...

That is awesome about the female RE!! I had one at one point, till she had to close because the cost of malpractice insurance is crazy here apparently.
Good luck this time. I really hope it works.

Hillary said...

Love the idea of the smiley faces. lol I hope you can get some rest this weekend from your busy week!

Good Egg Hatched said...

My RE is female and I think it's part of the reason she's so fabulous. She gets the emotional side of things. I hope you like the new one coming to your practice -- always good to get new ideas too.