Sunday, May 10, 2009

A cheesy fantasy

I just had a little fantasy of what my baby shower would look like if I ever had one*.

I would require we be fed pizza and the only type of pizza allowed be Cheese... you know, cause I'm a vegetarian and pregnant and have an even stronger aversion to meat than normal.

And there would be whiners and I would use all my uber-pregnancy-induced bitchiness to say, "Tough luck chicky, I have to put up with meat eaters every freakin day. Today is mine and no meat allowed!"

And I would glow.

Can you imagine seeing multiple open pizza boxes and all of them cheese, rather than the common scenario of multiple open pizza boxes and none of them cheese? Heaven.

*And by the way, I am never having a baby shower. Even if I get pregnant, I refuse. I figure having a kid is cheaper than fertility treatments, so I won't mind not getting the gifts and I won't have to put up with insensitive fertiles asking me when we are planning #2. I will however, still consume massive quantities of cheese pizza.


Hillary said...

lol, I love it. I almost want you to have the shower just to have all the cheese only pizzas!

Celia said...

I will do whatever it takes to avoid a baby shower. Although unlimited cheese pizza sounds awesome.

I loathe the idea of a shower. I did not have a bridal shower and here I am three years later- unscathed.

Baby showers suck.

Although we could probably think of some fun games to scare the fertiles. Like... Name That Fertility Drug. Or... Guess My Met Dosage.

Michelle said...

I was forced to have a shower, and I hated it. It was all about the people throwing it, and incredibly awkward. But the pizza does sound good......Now I'm hungry again.

Anonymous said...

I love the cheese pizza idea! We could have an online virtual shower with only IFers allowed, and we can all eat cheese pizza. God, cheese pizza sounds awfully good right now.