Saturday, May 9, 2009

My weekend so far

Did I mention that DH's birthday is Monday? Oh, well it is. And so is my sister's. And my father's is Tuesday. Oh and tomorrow is Mother's Day. So when I say I'm busy this time of the year, that's a big reason why.

And I'm totally slacking off this year. I'm not visiting anyone. I mailed out cards too late on Friday, so I'm sure the Mother's Day ones will arrive late. So what if I'm a bad daughter, my mom has forgot my birthday before. I get allowances.


We had to take Muffy to the vet's this morning. She is not doing well. We think her drooling is a serious dental problem. She hasn't been eating or drinking enough for a while now. She's lost lots of weight. We took her in about a month ago and had her get an antibiotic shot and we hoped it would help. It didn't help much and she's gotten worse. So now she is getting a dental cleaning and exam Monday.

I agonized about getting her teeth cleaned for years. Our family vet never offered this as a service and we didn't think about it back then. When I got her from my parents 4 years ago her new vet wanted to do it, but she was already 15 and I figured she would only live another year or two and the teeth wouldn't be an issue. And I was terrified of putting her under anesthesia at her age. Well, now she is even older and in worse health and I really don't have a choice. We are to the point that she is going to die SOON if we don't do something. I just hope she does well Monday and we fix what is causing her problems.

Her disposition is still good and she seems happy, but I know she is in a very place health wise right now. We have done EVERYTHING to try to get her to eat more. Kitten food was a winner today and but she still didn't eat much. Poor baby.


Since it's DH's birthday weekend, I had no idea what to get him. However I knew he needed new clothes so I forced him shopping this morning and then we went to see Star Trek (and I paid of course).

We really liked the movie. I think they did a really good job and it brought back fond memories of childhood. I'm no Trekkie, but we used to play Star Trek when I was a kid. Plus I grew up on Reading Rainbow and loved LeVar Burton (aka Geordi or The Guy with a Banana Clip on His Face). I will have to admit to being more of a fan of the Next Generation series than the original.

But it was a total sausage fest in there. The male to female ratios were approximately opposite of the Sex and the City movie.

I felt guilty being at the movies with Muffy so sick, but I know there is nothing we can do for her till Monday.


We went to church tonight to avoid the big Mother's Day mass celebration. Ick.


DH left to buy a tiller from some guy. I had to spot him some cash. He's lucky I had any, that was my Bunco winnings there.


Since DH is gone I think I may watch the Sex and the City in the Movie since I'm thinking about it now. I bawl during the opening credits when we see Charlotte with Lily. And again at the end when she has her baby. Charlotte is my favorite, fictional infertile.


Tomorrow I have to go into work to attempt to get some stuff done. I'm so behind these days. I blame IF. How am I suppose to work when I'm thinking about pee sticks all the time?


Celia said...

Wow you are jam packed. Poor baby Muffy. I hope she is ok. My Mom's cat is NINETEEN now and sometimes his teeth just fall right out. We are scared to put him under too. How does Muffy feel about wet food?

Amanda said...

All of her food is wet food these days, it is too hard for her to crunch up the dry stuff.

Michelle said...

Awww I hope Muffy will be ok. It's really hard to watch them sick and not themselves.