Sunday, May 3, 2009

This cycle is not going to work

I said it the other day and I need to probably explain a little now. This cycle is not going to work. It won't matter if I grow a dozen follicles and hubby's sperm are champs, it just isn't going to work. I wish this cycle was already over.

I'm not just being pessimistic. I've been putting the pieces together and doing the research and I do not think that clomid will work for me.

My basic reasoning is that high LH before you are supposed to have an LH surge is bad for egg quality. PCOSers tend to have high LH and I'm pretty sure I fit in that group, because almost every OPK I have ever used has been positive. I thought I just didn't know how to read them, but no, they actually are positive. That ain't good.

So what's the solution? Well, it isn't more clomid. It probably isn't Femara, but I'm sure I'll give it a try anyhow. It might be injectables because the action they take is very different than either Femara or Clomid. But, most likely it's probably a suppressed cycle where we can control my LH, i.e. IVF.

You see, clomid and Femara both disrupt estrogen (albeit by different methods), but low estrogen causes the pituitary gland to pump out more LH and FSH. And too much LH in my case. What I need to do is shut down my pituitary gland through suppression (birth control pills and lupron). And then feed my ovaries hormones through injectables.

I think it's pretty uncommon to do a suppressed injectable IUI cycle, but this is standard procedure for IVF. So, in my head, the only way out of this is through IVF. It's that or, honestly, I think I might have a better chance just trying to ovulate and conceive on my own.

So all of that is why I don't think this cycle will work. I'm sad about that, but I'm more sad/scared about the thought of IVF. IVF is a whole new ball game.

Now I need to have a talk with my RE. I'm fully willing to entertain several femara cycles (for the hell of it), but I think I won't have much of a choice after that. Another big problem is that my clinic sucks at IVF... in 2007 only 1 of the 6 IVF cycles it performed for women <35 was successful. ONLY ONE. My clinic just doesn't do many IVFs. Clearly I will have to find another clinic, and I really like my clinic, so that part upsets me a lot. I'm not good at breaking up. There is another clinic a couple of hours away and I wonder if they would let me do my monitoring here and travel for the procedures... it's that or I have to drop my clinic altogether and go to the other clinic in town that actually is good at IVF (the clinic that is several hours away has slightly better numbers that the other clinic in town).

It's just a lot to think about right now.

But, OMG, you have to see this. I totally stole this from another blog, but I just had to share.


Hillary said...

Sorry this cycle seems like a bust to you. :( I was just googling away about our issues and it all seems so negative. Bleh. I hear you. The only thing that ever looks positive is IVF. Ugh.

Celia said...

Oh doodle. EFF our stupid ovaries.

Michelle said...

That makes me wonder about the opks. Before when I used them, I was getting positives, and then the progesterone numbers were always under 1. They blew it off as the opks being inaccurate because of the clomid....
I emailed you about what I was told about Femara....

The Infertile Scrapper said...

Just wanted to give you some hope ... I have PCOS as well and my RE did three Lupron/Gonal-F IUIs for me. None of them worked, heck our first IVF cycle also didn't work but I at least wanted to give you some hope that you can do a suppressed IUI cycle.

Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda, you ARE in the same mindset as me (fishing in a bathtub)! I'm onto an IUI injectible cycle next month (ha!) and then have to decide if I do one more of those or move on to IVF or move on altogther. IF sucks for sure. I definitely think you should consider a clinic with more experience with IVF to help up your chance of success should you need to do that!


Anonymous said...

That is really interesting about the LH stuff. I kind of have the opposite problem, because OPKs are never positive for me. I never get an LH surge and therefore never ovulate without a trigger. Have you talked to your RE about your thoughts? What is your day 3 LH to FSH ratio?

I wonder if you could do a month of birth control pills right before a clomid or femara cycle. They do say that women with PCOS are more fertile right after going off the pill. That would kind of suppress you. Or perhaps your RE would let you add some lupron to the mix.

Anyhow, I am sorry that you are so discouraged. And I'm sorry that your current clinic has poopy IVF success rates. That is a lot to think about.