Monday, May 18, 2009

What should I do?

I have gone back and fourth on this about a dozen times a day and I feel terribly selfish devoting so much time to it in the first place. Should I try to cycle next month or not?

Here are the thoughts I'm balancing.

-I want to get pregnant (of course).

-I have a (terminally) sick cat.

-This might be the last month I have with her before it really gets bad and I have to take a break.

-Or she might not do well next month and then I will be super stressed again and should have taken a break anyhow.

-Also, I need to set up an appointment with my RE, probably this week to discuss switching to femara if I'm going to cycle next month.

-It's that or just try on my own and see what happens. I did ovulate on my own once during my break cycle. It could happen again.

What do you all think? Try one more time and hope Muffy's health holds out a little longer, or just stop and take a break for awhile?

I've been kicking this around with the husband, but he's stuck at the same place as me and doesn't really have an opinion on way or the other.

If there has been one good thing come out of all of this, for once, I'm not obsessively focusing on this TTC crap. It's too bad I can't forget about it all together so that I'm not trying to make this decision right now too.


Jill said...

Honestly, I don't think anyone can make this decision except for you. I think I would keep on trying, but that's just me. (The just coming back from a 6 month break me)

Amanda said...

Jill, you're right, but input is still appreciated :)

Flour-n-Flowers said...

Hi! I found you on here looking for other women with PCOS. I have it as well. What a pain in the royal hiney it is! Ha!!! Anyway, I read your blog entry, and I would hold off until you know how your cat is. I say this because our bodies are so sensitive to stress. So if you are stressing you may not cycle anyway. Even with the meds. And stress can cause all sorts of problems. Us PCOS girls are already stressed enough, so If I were you I would try and wait until I knew the situation with my cat, and get to a place where you feel okay about her. Or if (god forbid) she passes, then after you have grieved. Then you are giving yourself the very best chance for success :) That is my opinion not that it is worth much. Either way, take care, and give your cat my love :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm glad that Muffy is doing a little better and is eating more.

That is a really difficult decision to make. My cat has had periods of chronic health problems, and it certainly made cycling more difficult. It is a different situation because my cat is 3 years old and his illness is not terminal, though it can be life threatening during a flare up. We decided to go ahead and do cycles, but it was mostly because of my age (nearly 35), and we felt like our time to try to conceive is very limited. If I had been younger, we may have decided to take a break until he became more stable.

Really only you can decide. My first instinct is to say that it can't hurt to try a Femara cycle while this is going on. Yes, you are under a lot of stress, but in a way, having Muffy to nurture may take your mind off of obsessing about the cycle. Either way, you need to do what is right for you and DH. Hugs.

Michelle said...

It's such a hard decision to make. Part of me thinks if you'll be under a lot of stress that maybe you should take the break. This past cycle I had a lot of other stuff that went on that I think contributed to the disaster cycle...
But, at the same time, every time I take a break, I somehow regret it. And think about the what ifs over and over during that time. So I never really take a break from the obsessing.
And, if you do decide to keep going, maybe the femara switch will do the trick. I hope Muffy continues to do well.

Celia said...

You know what is best for you, but if it were me I would wait. There is no wrong choice here.

Whatever you choose is not a measure of your love for Muffy, of course you love Muffy. She knows that. What you have to decide is can you stand to cycle while dealing with this.

Hillary said...

Hmm...I don't have a pet at the moment so it is difficult for me to totally put myself in your shoes...but from where I sit now and knowing how precious each month feels...I would probably cycle. But I think both choices could be the right one for you. GL with the decision!