Sunday, June 7, 2009

The aftermath

Well the baby shower wasn't that bad.

I find the simultaneous 'ooooohs' and 'ahhhhhs' highly annoying and they didn't stop. They're socks folks! Yes, they are tiny, but they aren't so cute that everyone in the room needs to automatically 'ahhhh' when they see them. The first couple are ok, but after fourth or fifth outfit has been held up and everyone is still doing it, it sounds ridiculous.

I was happy that my gift was a hit. I got some clothes and books and misc stuff they wanted, but I also found an big plush monkey and put this onesie on it. BIL is a chemist and they loved it. I don't think most of the women there would know the periodic table from a scrabble board, but SIL's excitement signaled that it was a big deal. And it turns out BIL loves monkeys so I scored a bonus there too.

There were only 2 babies at the shower (and a couple of preggos). One of SIL's friends brought what I thought was her ~2yo. No. Turns out it was her niece and she brought her along just cause she wanted to (which SIL was not extremely pleased with). At first I thought it was a little weird for her to bring her niece too. But later I was thinking about it and I wonder if it was part of her baby shower armor. I can't remember if she's married or not, but I know she doesn't have kids and is 30+. Who knows, maybe she's infertile or is just sick of sitting childless at baby showers. It makes me wonder.

And no one asked me any questions about children or anything. DH's family is really good about that kind of stuff. But at one point I was talking to several other childless people (yes, there were several of us there) about dogs and breeds and such. One girl asked me if I had any pets. I had to say, "No, not anymore." Of course one of the cousins was right there and gave me a look and said she didn't know. I got a little teary. I never expected my hardest moment at a baby shower to be about my lack of a pet.


Hillary said...

Glad you made it through ok -- and nice job with the awesome gifts!

Michelle said...

I don't get why everyone has to "awww" over every freaking thing that is opened. The last shower I had to go to, they even did it over stuff that was hideously ugly.

Celia said...

I am glad you made it through. I will never go to another baby shower again. I don't care. NEVER.

Jill said...

I bring my neices with me places as a sort of armor. Maybe it's unfair to them, but they've pretty much been my shield from everything since before they were born.