Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day

I'm not getting anything for my husband for father's day. Is that weird, does it make me a bad wife?

I always told him if I was pregnant on Mother's Day he had better celebrate it/ME! I expected flowers and a card at least. But to me, Mother's Day for a mom-to-be is different than Father's Day for dads-to-be... I'd explain why it's different, but I don't want to and I figure most of you will get what I'm saying anyhow. (exceptions taken for MF infertility, which was not the case here)

IMO, he may technically be a father, but at this fragile state, nothing is solid enough to justify celebrating "Dad Status" just yet.

And acknowledging it may be a little like calling your great aunt and telling her you're pregnant before the pee stick has even dried. It just seems too soon.

I've told him I wasn't doing anything, I think he might have been a little dissappointed. Oh well, I seriously just don't want to mark it right now with anything more than words.


Michelle said...

It doesn't make you a bad wife. We didn't celebrate for either when I was pregnant with K. And by father day, I was over halfway along.

Thomas said...

I wasn't pregnant on Mother's or Father's Day (my son was born in March), but even if I had been, we wouldn't have done anything either. After all the years of my body not working the way it was supposed to, I was not at all comfortable celebrating parenthood before he was here and I could see for myself that he was real. I think it makes perfect sense. :)

Mary said...

I bought a card and have it hidden in my glove box. I don't know if I should give it to him or not. Part of me really wants to and the other part is like...No Way. IDK.

SCS said...

I get it...and it certainly does not make you a bad wife. I know its still early days for myself and my husband but I up till now we've already been celebrating fathers day (since he was daddy to our myriad of pets)! So this year his card will be from the pets and 'the bean'.

Kristin said...

I totally understand where you're coming from... having struggled with infertility and having had 2 miscarriages, I get the tendency to worry and to not believe it... and to expect the worse. Believe me, I totally get it. But I've also had one healthy pregnancy (now my 3 year old daughter) that I worried and stressed over and expected the worse from... the whole time. And I really regret that now. I wish I had enjoyed the whole being pregnant experience... like so many women are able to do. So, while I know it's easier said than done, and while I know I'll have an almost impossible time doing it myself should I ever get pregnant again, I just wanted to mention that you may be much happier in the long run, if you can work on being happy now... :) Just a thought. Either way, I get not having a permanent reminder of Father's Day, should anything go wrong. Hoping and praying for the best for you and for your little bean!!!