Friday, June 5, 2009

Following up

Well, I appreciated all the comments and opinions from yesterday's post.

I really have no intention of making in decision or taking any steps forward until after Tuesday's u/s. If it doesn't look viable, kitties, here I come.

I also may ask my clinic if I can get screened for prior exposure to toxoplasmosis. I doubt they'll do it, but can't hurt to ask (not that I would be any less cautious even if it was positive). I've already asked about CMV and my RE didn't understand at all why I would want to be screened for that since I wasn't using donor sperm. Maybe my OB will do it.

I think Celia's point about adolescent cat's being very playful still and needing a lot of attention if right on and will definitely make for a challenge.

On the declawing topic. I would like to make a couple points of clarification. I would never declaw an older cat (if that's what we ended up with). It's something I feel has to be done at a relatively young age or not at all. And only the front claws are removed (I assume most people know this, but just clarifying).

I've had 4 non-declawed cats and 2 declawed. All of my 'un altered' cats, although they were wonderful cats 99% of the time, they definitely had their moments. One cat, Bubby, was the most relaxed, laid back cat you ever saw. He was just a big lover. But one day (when I was 18) I bent down to pet him, and out of the blue, he landed a claw in area right above my eyelid. Not cool. My parents are currently taking care of my Grandma's cat, Princess. Poor thing is about blind (although she's relatively young, it's from eye infections) but she has never figured out how to use her claws. She get's stuck just walking across the carpet (it's kinda funny). She always manages to free herself, but if you pick her up, she will unintentionally stick to you. Poor thing.

So basically, I just want to say that I've definitely had my share of experiences both ways. Declawing is not a matter I take lightly (I understand what's involved) and I wouldn't do it unless I felt it was an absolutely necessary step.

Anyhow, I'm in a holding pattern for all areas of my life until Tuesday anyhow, so I have more time to think about all of this. And thinking about the pros/cons of kittens is a much less stressful topic for my brain than whether or not I have a viable embryo in there anyhow.


Babz said...

But declawing according to the American Veterinary Medical Association is only supposed to be used as a last resort when all other means of controlling inappropriate scratching has been tried and failed. This hardly applies to a young cat who may never scratch inappropriately. You surely wouldn't take a young creature and mutilate it just in case it ever scratched you? It is no less painful and cruel to declaw kittens than it is older cats.

Amanda said...

Babz, you clearly do not know me or understand the situation. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don't appreciate people that express their opinions in a way that leaves no room for the other arguments and opinions.

This is a blog and only a small window into my life. I tried to explain that I have had it go both ways with my family's cats, and it's not a matter I take lightly. I'm not elaborating on these matters further cause I know that once people make up their minds about something, their opinion rarely changes.

Babz said...

It's quite I don't know you or your circumstances, but I know cats and I know they come with claws for a reason. In England where I live it is banned becuase it is considered to be inhumane and abusive to the cat. This is what I believe and nothing will ever convince me that removing part of the cat's anatomy that isn't convenient to you is anything but wrong. I'm sorry if my opinion affronts you but I think you will find that you are in an ever lessening minority of those believing that declawing family pets is acceptable.

Amanda said...

Lady, I don't abuse my cats. Get off.

Celia said...

Regardless Amanda, any cat would be lucky to have a devoted and loving Mom like you.

To be honest, I have spent quite a bit of time wondering how a human baby would fit in with my cat babies. I somewhat envy you that you have the option of devoting your full attention to a baby. I am not certain how we are going to work it out at our house. Thank goodness we are not co-sleeping, because that would break Thunder's heart.

I know Babies R Us sells this mesh tent you can mount on the crib so a cat could literally sleep on it, but not get under it.

Celia said...

And yeah, Amanda does not abuse her cats, take a hike.

Michelle said...

I've never had my own cat, but I know from seeing my friends kittens after they got declawed that it didn't really affect them for long. And if I was to get one, I'd definitely get it done. I see your point behind it and I agree. And I hardly find it being abuse. It's not like you try doing it yourself. They get pain meds and it's done by a professional....Seriously....
And it's obvious from what you've wrote about Muffy and how long she was with you that you are an awesome kitty mom and any new kitten/cat will be lucky to have you.

meggo said...

At the end of the day, you have to do what you think is best. Yes, there are many opinions about what is best, but only you can make that choice fully informed :-)

Declawing is one of those issues that arouses lots of opinions. Don't let the onslaught of opinions get to you, girl. GL!