Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It appears I'm done with the RE... felt more like a kicking out than graduation.

Backing up a bit, the u/s tech had a student with her and I greatly enjoyed her telling the student things (cause she won't ever tell me anything). But things looked good... yolk sac, fetal pole... and then they went to find a heart beat. I couldn't see one on screen, and I take it they couldn't either (or they would have stopped there). So then she does the on screen sound waves to check and nothing. But, because the student is there, she's explaining that this is normal and could be because of how I'm breathing or something and says to the student that then you do "the color" (which is some kind of color doppler like I saw with my ring of fire corpus luteum). And then I saw a red dot appear and I checked with the tech that it was indeed what I thought it was. I didn't see it flicker. I was hoping it would, I guess that's normal.

So, there's an early heartbeat, but too early to get a BPM reading.

Pants back on, wait in the consult room for the nurse. She walks in and says, "You're done, where do you want us to send your records?"

Um, wait, what? I don't get another u/s? That was barely a heartbeat. It's only 6 weeks?

No. that's it.

But I don't get to see my OB till the 30th! Please?



She said I was measuring right on 6 weeks. I finally managed to get an actual crown rump length measurement out of her. 0.34cm... I wish I hadn't asked cause Dr. Google says it should be 0.45cm at 6 weeks. Nearly every time I have gotten more info since my positive pee stick I have found a reason to freak out. I'd like to chill, but easier said than done. I think my new MO should be to just play dumb and stop asking questions. Knowledge is not power, it's scary.

I was able to talk her into getting me a CMV and toxoplasmosis screening. Hopefully I'll test positive for both so I can stop freaking about those too. I probably won't know those till the end of the week or early next.

I told her I wanted the toxo cause our cat died and I wanted to get another. She said she would do it and let hubby worry about the litter box. That would be fine, be we all know that litter gets everywhere. So, I'm happy to wait for the test result.

Ok, to summarize... everything thing is fine and I just like to freak out and will try to keep it bottled up for the next 3 weeks waiting for the OB. (I think this means that I'm about 2 weeks from calling the OB office and harassing them for a u/s at my appointment.)


Hillary said...

I am SO GLAD to hear things are looking good. I guess the bright side of getting kicked out of your RE's office is that they are not worried about you and that babe of yours :)


Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear the u/s went well! Yay for graduating the RE. Now the month needs to go fast! That sucks that they won't let you come back soon for a recheck. Mine does 6 week and 8 week u/s before transfering. I think.

Celia said...

I am glad you had a good visit! Maybe you might want to consider a doula? They are all about taking care of you AND the baby and not treating you like a warm body on a conveyor belt.

I have two birth centers bookmarked in case I need them.

Dianne said...

You can't hear me but I am humming "pomp and circumstance". Congrats. I do undertand why you are so worried though, it took alot just to get pregnant - we are used to bad news. Try to relax and let your hubby take care of you!!!

Good Egg Hatched said...

Congrats on a great u/s! I know it's hard to wait -- believe me, I know...but you are doing great. It definitely speaks volumes about where you are that they let you go so soon. Try to enjoy and take one day at a time (or follow my MO and take 5 minutes at a time).

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you had a good scan! My RE does 6 and 8 week u/s before releasing patients, but hey, they must be pretty sure that everything is okay. My 6 week CRL was exactly the same as yours, so don't let yourself worry about that. At 11w5d, we are now measuring 4 days ahead.

I'm sure that you can call your OB and get an earlier appointment. I like your previous tactic of calling and saying "how much pain should I be in before going to the ER?" Demand the reassurance that you need.

Congratulations on graduating!

The Wife said...

Wow! That was fast. I think we need to stop relying on Dr. Google. No good comes of it!

Celia said...

I am just checking on ya. I hope you are not a big stressball. Maybe treat yourself to a haircut or a facial or something?