Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know how to cure infertility!

I hesitated to write this post cause I didn't want people reading it to think I thought I had figured it out, that I'm so smug as to think I know how to cure infertility (obviously my title is a joke). But, since my blog is also my record, I really wanted to make note of what was different this cycle. So here is a list some stuff... don't read too much into it.

- BBT & OPKs - I stayed the hell away from them. If you've read my blog for very long, you know that I absolutely freakout over what ever those stupid things tell me. I still think they are good tools, but they cause me too much stress, and the bbting makes me tired since I was doing it at 3am.

- Green Tea - I started drinking green tea cause I thought it was healthy and I'd heard it was good for CM. But I have never really liked it and I was sick of making it every day. So I'd lowered my consumption a while back, but I didn't even try this cycle. And, I bought that book, "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" and it says NOT to drink it cause it interferes with folic acid absorption and can contribute to neural tube defects. Who knew? Not me. So maybe it was good that I quit drinking it.

- Lost All Faith in My Treatment - I wasn't just trying to lower my expectations, I really, really, REALLY thought it wouldn't work this cycle. I was trying to figure out how long it would take us to afford IVF. Some people (fertiles) say to "give up" and you'll get pregnant... well, we certainly didn't give up really (I still had an IUI, that's not exactly giving up) but I had already moved so far past clomid mentally it wasn't funny.

- Baby Aspirin - Hey, can't hurt (unless you're a hemophiliac). One of the biggest reasons I added the baby aspirin this cycle is because my lining was thinning. In February on CD11 it was 8mm, in May on CD13 it was 6mm (another reason I really thought the cycle would fail).

- Orgasms - Yes, I really am going TMI here. Usually, I don't care that much and am even a little afraid to have them in the luteal phase. Not this cycle. I had dozens and dozens (don't worry, no husbands were harmed). Part of the thinking was to see if I could 'create' decent CM... despite my great efforts, it didn't work. I was also wondering if maybe if it increased blood flow down there or something and that would be good. Who knows if it helped at all, but at least it felt good.

- Trigger Timing - In my April cycle I had a 17mm and 18mm follicles and triggered a day and a half later when they would have been about 20mm each. So in May, we decided to let it go a day longer, I had an 18mm and let it go two and a half days longer so that it would have been about 22mm. It may have also helped that I forgot to trigger... I was asleep in bed and luckily my husband remembered and woke me up. We did it about 20 minutes later than we planned, but oh well, cycle was doomed anyhow.

- Watched My Childhood Pet Suffer and Die - I don't know why RE's across the country haven't figured out what a great fertility treatment this is. Nothing improves fertility like paralyzing amounts of grief and sadness.

So, it could have been any combination of the stuff listed, or maybe none of it, or maybe I just wasn't that infertile to begin with. I mean, before I started with the RE and we really started treating my PCOS I didn't ovulate, but now that I've got IR under control now and have lost some weight, maybe I didn't even need the clomid? Who knows? All that matters is that something worked and I feel blessed what ever that was.


Michelle said...

I'm am so glad you were able to graduate and it has finally happened for you.
You know...the cycle that K was conceived, I gave up all hope. I was so sure that nothing was happening, work was extremely stressful and I was sure it was never going to work. And then it did.
I wanted to say thank you for sharing the green tea info when you found that out. Especially now that things happened even later this round. I also hate drinking it and had a lot of issues getting it down lol.

Celia said...

mmm, I am SO glad that it is only five more cycles of this. Then we can give up and get pregnant "by accident". LOl. I am gonna be so pissed if I DO finally get pregnant after i made peace with it never happening and have to trade in my tiny car.

I love green tea, but I stopped drinking it because I love coffee more. I drink blueberry tea.

Dianne said...

Ha!! I will have to try the orgasm one!!!!

ANy way I am just glad that it happened for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Losing hope in treatments + baby aspirin also worked in my cycle. Oh, and apparently going on vacation helped somehow. I hate it when people say to just relax, and people who know about our IF treatments keep saying "Oh, it's because you took that trip to Puerto Rico! You finally relaxed!". Um, no, it's because I came back from vacation and insisted on an ultrasound to see if femara made any follicles develop and had an IUI. That is the only reason this cycle even had a chance at working.