Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12w 0d

I think I'm suppose to be really excited that it's '12' weeks, but it's lost on me. I guess 12 weeks is like 3 months pregnant, but really it's only 2.5 months, and it's almost the end of the first trimester, but not, and well... it feels there should be something particularly special about it, but I haven't figured out what yet.

But in any event, it's another week, and that's still something.

Me and the hubs have been talking more in terms of actually having a baby lately, but every time I say something, I always qualify it with, "assuming it's still alive."

DH does not like me saying this all the time. I get why, and I don't like thinking about it myself. I guess I'm worried that if I get too cocky about the likelihood of an actual baby at the end of this, I'm just asking for disaster. Definitely not that comfortable yet... but I'm going to keep the dead baby thoughts to myself for awhile.

In "More than you ever wanted to know about Amanda's Body news" nothing new to report. My boobs haven't really grown substancially yet, but my dang bra is starting to bother me... I need a more supportive one now (boobs aren't larger, but probably heavier), so I will have to bra shop again. Ick. I keep thinking I wish I still had that one bra I had in highschool that came out of a box. It was a total granny bra, but it would be wonderful to have now.

My blood sugar was doing great the other week, but then I ran out of strips and some people who shall remain nameless really slacked at getting my strip prescription in and I finally got new strips last night. I took my first reading about 2 hours after I'd eaten a couple of nectarines and it was 73 (which is kinda low) and that probably explains why I was feeling lightheaded. Never fear, chocolate milk to the rescue!

I discovered something a little strange the other day. My metformin used to cost me ~$38 per month, but I refilled the other week and it was only $22. I think it would be weird for a insurance company to change their coverage mid year, so I can only wonder if it isn't because I told my ins company I was pregnant or maybe because I told them I was being sent for diabetes education. Oh well, that's a win for me.

Ok, well, in summary, status quo.


Celia said...

!2 weeks! I am glad you and Bird are testing the water for me. I am here in the baby pool at 5 weeks. I can't accept that it's real either.

Jill said...

I think Metformin is on the WalMart $4 plan, if you have that around you. I never paid much for it when I took it.

another week along is always good :)

Amanda said...

Jill, I think you're right, but not for my dose and extended release.

Michelle said...

Wow hard to believe it's 12 weeks already! That's cool about the met going down. Glad everything is going well :)

Chelle said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my bloggie and offering the tip on the prenatals. I will DEFINETELY try it!

Congratulations on hitting the 12 week mark! I understand how it feels when it isn't real yet....I am 23 weeks and just now thinking that this might actually happen! IF robs us of so much.

Any cut in prices on prescriptions is always good!

Anonymous said...

I will be excited for you! 12 weeks! I can't believe how quickly time is flying by!

And I can't believe that you, me, and Celia are pregnant! I was just looking for that unicorn comment, because I can't remember exactly what you said, but I can't find it. I also couldn't remember if it was a comment on your blog or Celia's. Flying unicorns, flinging poo, whatever the original plan was, I'm in!

I still do the qualifying with "assuming it's still alive" too. I'm getting better about thinking a little more positively, but DBT's creep in once in a while.

That's great that your Metformin cost went down. Are you on generic Metformin ER? I get mine through my insurance's mail order pharmacy three months at a time for $20. I'm on 2000mg a day. But, it is generic and it smells kind of nasty. I would definitely pay more for non-stinky pills if I could.

How are you liking the Rainbow Light prenatals? I couldn't find them at my health food store when I looked last, so I may order some online.

Donielle said...

Totally found you by fluke - but just had to say: go buy a Bravado nursing bra. The soft cup w/ no wires one. Yea, it's 50$, but it's the MOST COMFORTABLE one you will ever wear. Seriously!

Congrats on the pregnancy!

Molly said...

Thanks for the note on my blog! I'm glad we decided to wait until Nov, if it takes three to six months for it to kick in. I just started it today and am a little nervous about the GI issues, especially since I've got two big trips coming up, but it's worth it, I think! I don't have insulin troubles (was tested for that already--gross, gross, gross), though, so it's weird reading all the diabetes warnings about diet and whatnot. Mine has changed in the past few weeks, but not because of diabetes. PCOS, yes. My co-pay was $10, though I know all insurance is ridiculously different.

Here's hoping all continues to go well with your pregnancy... have you lost a baby before? My friend just had her second miscarriage, and my heart aches for her. (And scares me for what might be ahead.) Anyway, sending good baby-thoughts.

- Molly