Monday, July 27, 2009

I need to eat more?

I'm feeling pretty fat lately. Not in the, "OMG, this pregnancy is making me such a hoss and instead of just being grateful for the life growing within me, I'd rather complain about it," way. More in the, "I'm not really that far along, and not showing, but I keep craving junk food and feel like I'm making bad choices," sort of way.

And it doesn't appear that I have gained weight according to my spring scale (though it's pretty inaccurate). My wii did say I was up a pound the other week and my ring is a little tighter, so I have a feeling that I've gained a little.

Anyhow, but I sent my food journal to my counselor last week. Lovely thing that she is actually calculated my calories for me. She said it looks like I've been eating ~1400 calories per day and I should have been eating 1500-1600. And in the 2nd trimester I should be eating 1800 calories! Crazy. I haven't been eating enough. Maybe that's why I get hungry. I never would never have guessed that. I feel like I'm always eating.

That said, I'm still having SERIOUS junk food cravings. That's all I want to eat, ever.

Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, I want to toast a bunch of bread (not just a slice or 2, but 4-6... or maybe the whole loaf) and butter/jelly it all up. Oatmeal takes so long to cook, toast is nearly instant, it's just too easy.

I'm hungry at dinner but never want to cook anything and just want junk... tater tots smothered in ketchup, french fries (smothered in ketchup), chips, massive quantities of grilled cheese (with a side of fries, smothered in ketchup), ice cream. My husband wasn't home the other night, so I ate a bowl of ice cream for dinner, even though I was planning a nutritious veggie burger.

Oh, pickles and ice cream does sound pretty good to me.

Considering all the ketchup and pickles I'm craving, maybe I actually need more salt too? What kind of American am I?

I'm looking forward to my ob appt tomorrow because I won't be able to pack a lunch and that means I can do fast food for lunch! Although I'm trying to steer my taste buds towards 'better' fast food options (vegetarian burrito bowl at Chipotle anyone?).

I'm good on the fruit this week, we just got a 1/2 bushel of peaches and blueberries were on sale, and I bought a bunch and intend to eat 'em all. I need to get better about veggie intake at lunch time and for snacks.

I really must put forth more effort towards a healthy diet.

Does anyone have good strategies for making the cravings go away?


Chelle said...

Okay, here is my assvice. I am no pro, but this is how my body works:

If I am craving carbs or sweets (which is ALWAYS), I try to load up on fruit so I can get all the carbs and sugar I want, but in a healthy way. This lessens my cravings dramatically.

My theory is that your body is craving something because it needs it. If you are craving pickles, although they are high in sodium, are packed with iron, vitamin A, potassium, etc.

I allow myself to satisfy a craving, but always in moderation.

(off the soap box) GOOD LUCK! I know it's hard!

Michelle said...

I'm no help. These meds have me wanting everything bad. And I give in lol.
The peaches and blueberries sound very good though!! I love summer because of all the fresh fruits. I could live on berries, peaches and apples all summer. Although that might not end well if that's all I was eating....
I honestly don't know how to make the cravings go away. I tried to stop buying the bad stuff, and that doesn't work too well. One of us ends up going and picking up something bad halfway through the week.

Michelle said...

And...I was thinking of your pickles and icecream thing. When I was pregnant, I ate a lot of cheese pizza with pickles added. Not cooked with it, added after we got it. I actually like that still.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you about the cravings! Toast is one of my weaknesses too. I could eat slice after slice of hot buttered toast. Whole wheat, of course, and Promise spread. But still, I could eat many pieces if I let myself.

Lately, it is potatoes in any form. Potato salad, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. I'm not craving french fries so much as just general potatoes.

My only strategy for cravings is this: indulge in the craving, but really enjoy it. Take your time, enjoy every damn bite. Eat slowly and really taste the craved food. Sometimes that makes the cravings go away.

Your cravings may change too. Right now, in addition to my potato craving, I am craving salad. Massive salads of many kinds. My favorite vegetarian/vegan pizza place has this crunchy tempeh salad, which is basically a mixed green salad with some chili/lime seasoned sauteed tempeh pieces over it. Oh, I could eat a vat full of it! I also can't get enough fruit.

The pickles and ketchup thing may well mean you need more salt, especially since you are drinking a lot of water. Try eating more, as your nutritionist says, and see if that helps at all.

Celia said...

I have not had any cravings. I have had some impulse buys at the grocery store like single serve peanut butter to dip my apple slices in. Which I would normally never buy because it is not organic and the packaging is wasteful. And I feel COMPELLED to buy as much organic food as possible. So now I feel too guilty to eat the peanut butter. But I felt pretty strongly about that before-now I am just afraid that if I do anything wrong the baby will die and it will be my fault. Which is stupid but still true.

With my stupid hypoglycemia I am almost instantly punished for eating crap. So that has worked almost like a taser to get me to eat healthy. If I eat pancakes or whatever I feel like crap for hours.

I pack my lunch, I pack my snacks, I plan our dinner every day.

I LOVE toast. I would cheerfully eat four pieces every day. So I got rid of the toaster oven when we moved. No toaster= no toast.

I have been eating very well. But I have had a long time to learn that I have to deny myself the things I want or I will pay later.

If your blood sugar is fine and your weight is ok, I don't see why you shouldn't treat yourself. Then I can live through you. Please have waffle fries with nacho sauce and post pictures.

The Wife said...

I totally get the wanting the easy (read bad for you) dinner rather than actually having to make something. I've been scheduling more leftovers lately and the DH has been noticing! I just say give into your cravings, but always balance it out with healthy stuff. Not always easy to do but usually works for me.

Sarah said...

those fiber one granola bars are great. they come in great delicious flavors.

Jill said...

my problem is that nothing sounds good. I'm not queasy or anything, just not hungry. Every once in a while, I'll get really hungry and then not be able to eat much! CRAZY! All I've been doing is waiting for something to sound good and then get it RIGHT NOW. Pretty sure I'm not eating enough calories,too. frustrating.

Good luck with the healthy eating!