Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's still alive!!!

The important thing is in the title. It was alive! And so cute! I've seen pictures and u/s of 9w fetuses, but they have never looked cute. And those stupid floating baby widgets are just creepy! But this was adorable. We could see the little hands and feet and the umbilical cord, and the little heart beating. I just had no idea I would enjoy it that much.

It was actually measuring about 4 days ahead and we officially calculated my due date to be Feb 3rd.

We got into discussing meds. She's fine with the baby aspirin, but I need to stop by 35weeks because I guess they don't want you on aspirin therapy too close to delivery in case you need an epidural (it increases your risk of stroke it sounded like). And if I went into labor early and needed a c-section they would have to put me under instead. That's a little scary (my mom has some interesting stories about my birth in which they had to do that to her), hopefully it won't be an issue.

The met we are still 'negotiating'. I of course, want to stay on it until very close to the end. She would rather me not, but it didn't sound like she was very well researched on it and was going to have some of the research pulled for herself. I'm not worried about it right now (I still have 3 months of refills to keep me happy for a while). She seems willing to work with me on it and it was clear to her that I understand the risks/rewards of taking it. Plus, she is a disciple of my RE. She interned with him and I think that will work to my advantage.

And before anyone suggests to me to change obs, save your fingers. I really like her, I used her a few years ago before evil ex-gyn and I had lots of good recommendations for her. DH liked her too and his opinion matters a little. I'm aware of my options and will exercise them if needed, but so far, I see nothing to send me running to another dr.

We did talk quite a bit about gestational diabetes. She's setting me up to meet with the nutritional counselors. Also, she wants me to check my blood sugars for a while just to see what they are doing. I guess I'll get more instructions on that from the nutritional counselors.

We talked about screening a bit. She gave me a lot of information to read over but I don't think we are going to do any (and she doesn't really recommend any for me anyhow). Honestly, I just don't want to. Everything is probably fine, and I don't know I'd want to know if it wasn't. As much of a nervous wreck I turn into, more info has not been good for me so far.

And I asked if we would be able to hear the heartbeat by doppler next time. She said maybe. So then I was all, "I'm freak and worried that it's dead all of the time!" And she assured me that if the doppler didn't work, we'd do a scan again. Whew. (any other answer probably would have sent me to another dr.)

And she ordered CMV screening for DH! Yay! Someone that takes my concerns seriously! DH and I went to the lab together and got his and her's blood draws. So cute.

I am really looking forward to my next appointment.


Unknown said...

So exciting!!

Question -how much of Met are you taking? I am doing this too and want to make sure I am not taking too much.

Celia said...

Yay! I have been thinking of you! How do you feel?

Michelle said...

I've been checking all morning to see if you updated yet. I'm glad it was such a great appt and you have an ob you like! And really good news that they will do another u/s if it's too early for doppler.
Yay!!! I'm so happy for you!! :)

Amanda said...

Hope, I take 750mg extended release twice daily.

Celia, I feel fine... but tired.

The Wife said...

Sounds like an awesome appt!

The hubby and I are TTC for at least one more cycle. He feels strongly that we should try everything at least once. Since I had all my chances, I figured I should give him his.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I'm so happy you had such a great ultrasound, and that you like your OB! I need to ask my doctor about a nutritionist too. I've only gained about 3 pounds so far at nearly 15 weeks, so at least I'm starting out okay, but I want to do everything I can to avoid GD.

Please do share any tips you get about vegetarian pg diets ok? I checked out a library book about vegetarian pregnancy and it was lame, just stupid recipes for things and stuff I already knew. I haven't been able to find anything on vegetarian gestational diabetes diets.

Good Egg Hatched said...

Isn't it the best feeling to confirm it is still alive in there?? Am so happy for you! Enjoy the feeling.

... said...

I found your blog while surfing for other people with PCOS. After reading your blog and many others, I am very encouraged.

Congrats and thanks for blogging. The information you blogged help me better prepare myself!

Sophie said...

I'm happy to hear all is still well. It's so important to have a doc you're comfortable with; I've learned that now more than ever :).

Just to let ya know, I had to switch blogs :/, my new address is:

Hillary said...

YAY! Happy news :)