Monday, July 13, 2009


I didn't spill the beans. Barely.

My Old boss asked simply enough, "Are you going to take the PE in 2010 still?"

My answer: Probably.

Of course I was simulatneously trying to squelch the biggest grin I've grinned in my life.

I almost followed it up with more info, but luckily Future Boss asked me another question and I and kept my big mouth shut. More information is not needed here. Soon enough I shall reveal the truth.


There is a section on the company form to make suggestions on how to improve the company... I put down Maternity/Paternity Benefits. I reasoned it as a recruiting tool for hiring top talent (since we don't really have any fancy incentives here). I have a small voice but I use it when I can. But as we are having this discussion, I catch Future Boss taking a glance at my belly. That's right, just keep looking.


Celia said...

Oooh I looked, I LOVE the nine week picture. How cute!

Michelle said...

You have some amazing self control! I'd have let it slip by this point I'm sure! lol

Anonymous said...

You will-power is amazing. I would have totally blurted it out!