Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Swine Flu

It freaks me out. Seriously.

I can't honestly remember the last time I got the flu. Maybe when I was 6 or 7. I don't get seasonal flu shots. I just don't normally care that much. But I've been paying attention and I scoffed last week when certain news feeds were thinking that pregnant women MAY get on the priority list (implying that they probably won't) for the vaccine. I knew that quite a few pregnant women had died from it and to me it seemed like they should get a ticket to the front of the friggin line.

Apparently the experts agreed with me today. Good. I'm happier, but still freaked.

I keep thinking about telling my office that I'm pregnant and in my head I'm just shouting at all of them to NOT KILL ME OR MY BABY!

Every year, the parents in the office bring theirs kids' illnesses to work. Yes, they work sick. Thanks jerks. And of course, I'm freaked about CMV too.

Anyhow, I'm writing an email to New Boss that corporate needs to issue a statement that you need to stay home if you are sick or caring for someone that is sick and if you don't comply you will be sent home immediately. This needs to be crystal clear because school starts up again pronto.

I fully intend to get a vaccine (and yes, the risk of taking a rushed vaccine freaks me too), but I don't know when the vaccines will be available around here and that they won't run out before I can get one and I sure as hell don't want one of my workaholic coworkers coming in here and sickening everyone/me.

So I haven't sent this email yet. I want too, but it doesn't really make as much sense unless I tell my boss that I'm pregnant. Which I intend to do soon, but probably not for another week and I need to be placated now! Also, I think I will get heard a lot better if I tell him that I'm pregnant. It's one thing to be paranoid Amanda (always bitching about food safety and hand washing, I'm such a drag), it's another thing to be a member of a group where 6 out of 34 have died.

Does this freak anyone else as much as it does me? Does it make you worry about TTC right now?


White Picket Fences said...

Okay...can I just say that the golden child HAD THE FREAKING SWINE FLU while I was pregnant??!?! Talk about freaked out? She was quarantined in her room for 3 days and then sent out to my mom's. I think we went through 27 cans of lysol and 40 bottles of clorox wipes. And she and I BOTH took meds. Yes. It freaks me out too.

Oh ..and re: the previous cravings post. I'm thinking the sodium craving has a lot to do with volume building ..kind of like our crazy water intake. I wouldn't indulge like I did ..because I swear I had 25 pounds of swelling. That started at 20 weeks. And made the next 20 MISERABLE.

White Picket Fences said...

(I ate mediterranian food like it was going out of style ..pickled turnips!! (WTF?!?) by the jar dipped in hummus.

Amanda said...

Ah, so it was the swine flu! Taking meds early on (and diligent sanitazation) make a difference!

Michelle said...

It freaks me out too. Especially when K was in preschool and I was freaking out if a month worked or not, and other parents would send kids who were very questionable. Mine stays home if he's sick. For other people's protection as well as the fact that he feels terrible.
By the way, the name of that med is Spastolate. I'm not sure if it's offered for cats. We're always told to switch her to a bland diet of rice mixed with burger or chicken, and add the meds for a day or 2 because of her history. It's definitely worth checking into.

Celia said...

Well, you know we are both germaphobes, but I am scared too. I work in retail for pete's sake. people just come in there fully coughing and sneezing and just plain nasty sick. I am considering buying giant tubs of hand sanitizer and putting them at each register.

Plus my boss is a petri dish. She catches everything and gives it to us. She had freaking whooping cough two months ago. Did you know it is back because of the asses that refuse to vaccinate?


Amanda said...

Oh yeah. My brother is one of those asses. Whooping cough and mumps are both back. My kid is getting vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

You know, I wasn't too terribly worried about it at first. In fact, I was supposed to go to southern TX when I was 7 weeks pregnant right at the height of the media swine flu hysteria. My cat ended up getting sick and we canceled the trip, which I think was a blessing. When I look back now, what were we thinking? 4 flights in germ filled airplanes and a week in the most infected place in the US? Why take that chance?
I've never gotten a flu shot before, but maybe now I will. I'm not working right now so I don't have the added stress of nasty sick coworkers to worry about. S does work with some complete idiots who do come to work sick, so I worry about him bringing it home.