Monday, July 6, 2009


I called back in today and talked to a nurse. I guess my OB isn't in on Mondays, so the nurse had to talk to the physician's assistant and call me back.

After enough paranoid rambling and explaining that I hang out with too many baby lost mamas and am scared, she suggested that I just come for an earlier appointment. Sounds good to me.

So, tomorrow at 10:45 I will see my OB again. But because my OB wasn't in the scheduler couldn't guarantee that my OB would let me have a u/s... but I don't think that will be a problem once I get in there.

This is where I really miss the RE's. If I turned into a paranoid mess, I just called in and they made an appointment for me and it was done, no big deal (even if they were booked, they'd carve one out for me). Yeah, it cost me, but I'd happily pay that now for peace of mind. Their was also the added benefit that they knew me when I called in cause it was a small clinic, whereas my OB office probably sees 100 women a day.

Now I have to practically beg for an appointment to come in and see the Dr. and she gets to decide what I get to do. (Oh and by the way, you know how it takes months to get in and see the ob/gyn for an annual exam, I was offered no fewer than 5 different time slots tomorrow... my my how the world changes when you are pregnant.)

And I'm a little worried about looking like a crazy lady coming in on two consecutive weeks and not even out of the first trimester, but I got over my fear of looking like a nut job a while ago and they can just deal with it.

And as a bonus, I'm a little worried that I have developed a UTI. Things are tingly, although not burning, and my frequent bathroom schedule has become even more frequent. So, I figure that it might be good that I'm getting seen anyhow for that.

Oh, and I got good customer service, although slightly delayed, from my clinic. Celia was worried about dealing me dealing with the evil nurse the other day for the rest of this, but the nurse I talked to the other day was actually from the hospital and not the clinic, so unless I switch hospitals I'm stuck there (which is another topic for another day).


Michelle said...

I'm glad they are able to get you in soon, and they are understanding of your fears and concerns. Good luck tomorrow!
I hope everything is ok and you get an u/s to ease your mind.

Hillary said...

Glad you managed to get an appointment for tomorrow, and I hope it is very reassuring!