Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Extravaganza

I'm having a good weekend so far. Last night we saw HP6. I have to say I really, really hated David Yates direction on HP5 (although no one else seems to agree with me) and I was so upset to hear that he was doing HP6 and both parts of HP7, but he did a much better job on this movie, so maybe he'll actually be good at this before the last ones. (I seriously think HP5 feels like some made for TV movie, which makes sense, because David Yates had never even directed a full length feature film before it.)

And this morning we went to a local nursery because they were having a sale on summer annuals (buy 20 for 50 cents apiece). We never got to plant our pots and such this year because of Muffy being ill at the good time for that, and I wasn't going to pay full price for flowers mid season, so this seems like a good solution. Plus, I'm hosting bunco at the end of the month and feeling a little embarrassed by all the empty pots around the house.

Anyhow, we bought 24 plants, and can you believe all this color for $12 and a tiny bit of work?

We also cleaned off the deck and hung the curtains I made last year. They are tab tops (sorry, I didn't get the tops in the picture) and the panels made from queen sheets (that really cut down on the work). There are four panels so that when we untie them all, it's very private on our deck and we block the neighbors from view. Last year me and Muffy like to sit out there on the weekends with the sheets blowing in the breeze. I would read a book and she would sleep in the chair next to me. Those were good times.

After planting, I cut up tomatoes from DH's garden and some fresh basil from our back yard to make a tomato salad. Then I sliced strawberries to make short cake. We are going to my friend's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary surprise potluck. My friend moved to Texas the other year, so it will be cool to see her again... but I'm sure we'll be tired tomorrow because we won't get back until late.

And that's not everything today, but it's enough for one post and to make me feel like I've actually accomplished something today.


Michelle said...

That's a good deal on the flowers! They look pretty.
We just got back from a Lowes trip and I got some for 25 or 50 cents each depending on the plant. And 3 "troubled" orchids for $1 each!! Love mid summer flower sales.

Lucy said...

I liked HP6 EXCEPT for the fact that the major fight scene is not in it! I couldn't believe it was dawn and no fight...definitely a let down!