Tuesday, August 18, 2009

16 weeks

I feel like I'm starting to lose track of the weeks here.

Some of the discomforts of pregnancy have found me. I have to be diligent about my posture these days, particurlarly while standing. I tend to slouch while standing by shifting my weight on to one hip or the other... I think a lot of women do this. I find that if I do this for very long, my back will crack very loudly when I straighten back up again. And sometimes I just get hot and start to feel faint from standing for very long.

And then I started having this lower back pain that tingled and twitched on just my right side. I'm not sure, but dr. google seems to think it might be sciatica, which isn't uncommon during pregnancy.

Since monitoring my posture, I haven't had the twitching, but it made me realize just how much I slouch (any time I stand still). I will follow up with my ob about this... I certainly don't want to develop any lasting problems if there are exercises I can do to help it.

And Your Pregnancy Week by Week told me that I have to stop sleeping on my back this week. I usually mix side sleeping with back sleeping, but not being able to back sleep at all has proved to be an uncomfortable challenge. Since I try to be on my left side most of the time, I find that my right hip suffers from not being supported. I have shoved pillows every which way to no avail. I have been staring at the pregnancy pillows online, but it doesn't look like they make one that would solve my particular problem. Maybe it will get easier as I go along. I really hope I don't end up on bed rest. I don't think I'd do well.

But everything else seems to be good. I keep thinking the heartburn is creeping up on me, but then it goes away for awhile. My skin is looking pretty good. I think I'm up a couple of lbs, but that's probably to be expected at this point. Oh, and second trimester libido increase is in full swing ;)


meggo said...

I hope you adapt ok to the restricted sleeping position. I totally feel your pain, but I am sure that doesn't make it any easier to sleep at night. I'm a position-shifter myself, so I don't how I'll cope with that whole left-side only thing when it is my turn!!

Dianne said...

Well amen for a good side effect!!!

Sophie said...

I have horrible posture, I always feel weird if I straighten up too much. Sounds like everything is right on target, can't wait to see this kiddo :)! Seriously, every time I read your posts it really encourages me.

LadyEm said...

Your blog is very inspirational, and I'm glad to see you've made it so far. It gives me hope that one day my struggles will end as well!

Michelle said...

I swear the farther I got along, the more uncomfortable sleeping was. And I got more sleep with a newborn in the house than I did while pregnant because of that discomfort. But it's all worth it :)
Yay for 16 weeks. Soon time for the big u/s! I hope you find something that works good for sleeping better.
Oh and I do have a picture of what you commented on....I'll have to load that tomorrow. It's funny. I'm mean like that.

Celia said...

16 weeks! Hooray! I am a stomach sleeper. sigh. Honestly I would not care what position I was in if I could just get more than a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I was up every hour last night.

Anonymous said...

16 weeks, yay! Time is just flying by! I'm sorry to hear of the discomforts. I've been doing physical therapy since around 16 weeks for sacroiliac pain. It seems to be helping, and the strengthening exercises she has me doing are not fun, but it's not getting worse even as I get bigger, so I think it's helping. If your problems get worse, demand physical therapy!

I never really liked sleeping on my back until it wasn't allowed. Flipping myself over from side to side is getting to be quite the ordeal. I love my pregnancy pillow, as it supports both sides of me. I hope you can find one that works for you.

Congrats on 16 weeks!